Misandra or frida

Need advice on who to ltake to level4

Frida for titans and color stack attacks, Misandra for defense and single-blue hero.
I would do Frida first.


Color specific debuff makes Frida a very useful blue, especially if you pair her with one or blue snipers.

For me Frida is an obvious choice, but many people likes Misandra.

I honestly don’t understand why.

Don’t you guys think Frida serves her purpose quite well on 3.70 also? Unless you want to use her for more than just titans/blue stacks, but if that’s the case, wouldn’t a good sniper be more versatile?

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I have saved many mana pots, because of Misandra. Big help with raids too, if that combo hits 2 times, I can use average blue heroes speacial too. She is awesome! But still Frida is awesome too and I would level Frida first.

Element defense down over all others… always. You’ll use them forever.

Thanks guys and girls, just took frida to 4/56 and not regretting, just pulled another 3 of epic tokens :grinning::grinning: