Frida or Magni? Enough mats for only one

hi guys, I once more resort to your expertise and helpful advice.
My dilemma is I only have enough mats for one blue 5* and my options are Frida, Magni, Isarnia and Aiger. So, I was thinking that i might get to get the benefits of both Frida and Magnus by getting Frida to 2/60 maybe 3/70 and a 4/80 Magnus. I have some blues maxed or nearly maxed: Grimm 70, Triton 70, Kiril 4/60, and Boril 4/35. My main focus are events and quest…and Titans as secondary.

Thanks in advance for your time and help.

I would max Magni, and take Frida to 3/70. This way you’ll get the best og Magni, and Fridas elemental debuff.
I’m kind of in the same situation. Already have Magni maxed, but on the bench I have Ariel, Frida and Aegir. 12 telescopes and 18 capes. Planning to take Frida and Ariel to max first, and Aegir to 3/70. Looking forward to fighting red titans!

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If you have Wilbur you don’t need Isarnia (Grimm is good, but Isarnia much better)

Which paladins and fighters do you have? Which one you would to invest your emblems?

Soon there will be a free raid event. Care to compete there?

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Hi Elpis, I think the Paladin emblems would be of better use on tanks so my best tanks would probably be Queen of Hearts, Thorne or Aegir not so sure about falcon as tank🤔;they’re my best Paladin class heroes.

Fighters I only have Boldtusk and Magnus that are worth mentioning. More likely Magnus will get them.

A free raid event? I had no idea! I wonder how it would be and I’d be very happy to try that. Can you share more info about it, please?

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