Paladin Options

So I have a ton of paladin emblems and not sure where to put them. I have a few heroes I could take to final ascension that I probably should have done a while ago who would work just not sure who’d be best for the emblems.

At 3/60:
G. Falcon

I probably should have maxed all these by now, not sure why I haven’t.

Also have Frida at 3/70 with scopes but I don’t want to use them until after Atlantis summon just in case. Also have Magni at 3/70 but hate using them until I am certain I made the right choice, hoping for Ariel but either Frida or Magni would be good.

So out of those options, who should get the emblems (after I max them)?

Falcon is best choice IMO, only he have red debuff.
You want him harder for longer survive.


Magni is a fighter and Ariel is a cleric, so they can’t have the paladin tokens.

I’d say it depends on if you’re rounding out a solid 4* team still or working on 5s. If you’re still filling out a 4* bench, either Falcon or Sonya are good, but I agree that Falcon is going to probably be the better choice: nobody does what Falcon does; a lot of people do what Sonya does and sometimes better depending on situation.

But if you’re already at 5* teams, Frida is the better long term investment. Only Arthur does the ice defense down of the two.

I only mentioned Magni and Ariel as my reason for waiting on my scopes since I’d have to finish Frida to feed her emblems. Plus getting Frida to 4/80 will take a while if I do that route.

I was guessing Falcon would be the better option after I max him but wanted a few additional opinions to be sure.

Ah. Well Kerridoc said words that I take comfort with when I look at my 4th ascension Richard and my Frida, Frida is great but probably not as your first blue. Now I don’t know if Magni/Ariel/Frida are competing for the honor of first fully ascended 5* blue for you or not, so it’s hard to know what advice to give without knowing your bench.

In a vacuum, Magni is the most versatile choice, but should get lower priority if you already have a 5* sniper like Joon or Sartana. Ariel would be next unless you already have a solid 5* healer, but there aren’t much better than Ariel as a general purpose healer. Frida works better if you have a strong blue bench with like Grimm, Kiril, etc.

I’m working on my first 5* team now, only ascended Guin so far. Have the mats for purple, red, and blue, but can’t decide who to take to final tier. No one really worthy for red, Victor, Kage, Kunchen for purple, then a handful of blue but Isarnia is my next best one but I haven’t leveled her at all yet. Evelyn is waiting on more tonics but will be my green when I get them.

I’m still filling out more 4* ad I keep getting ones I needed. Hansel last month, Jackal this month. Not a bad spot to be in but makes choices difficult for those rare mats.

Well Guinevere is a great hero, but she can only heal nearby. I think Ariel is a more solid hero than Kunchen due to speed only, but it depends on if you do raids or Titans more. If you do pve content more, the speed doesn’t matter as much since you can supplement that with mana potions. Since you don’t have any good reds and Evelyn is more or less by herself which blunts her effectiveness (if we’re talking a pure rainbow team which nobody really runs by the time 5* final ascension is a legit question), I’m inclined to suggest Magni might be better as your first blue. There is an argument for Ariel still, but that depends on your decision on purple (Kunchen or Kageburado). If you get the healer on one color, I’d suggest the sniper for the other.

That’s my two cents.