Freya, Kage or Clarissa

Hi there,

which should I level to 4/80?
Please lets not talk about my other Heroes, only usefull information ist that I do not have much Minion casters, only Seshat and Buddy. I know that its all about knowing the whole roster, please, lets ignore it.
There are materials for level up one Hero, the Others will have to wait. Kage would get no Emblems, BK has them. Freya and Clarissa could get Emblems…
And the Hero would get his place he would fit, maybe in wars, pvp or defense…
Or should I ask another way, what Hero would be most fun to Play? Share your thoughts, this would be the biggest help for me!
Thank you all!

I have Kage +18. Don’t have Clarissa or freya. I think Clarissa is great and would love to have her for both offense and defense. She seems to be a bit better for defense than Kage. If you have GM I’d say go Kage , if not go Clarissa.

I think clarissa would be the most fun to play, but she’s a bit untested. If you want to take the risk that she’s not so great then i recommend her (she’s the one I’d level). Kage has a well defined and reliable role - he’s a safe bet, and good all around. I don’t think he’s as much fun though.

Freya seems fun to me too, but only if you’ve got some minion heroes to play with. I’d love to do some pve levels just trying to have minions clear everyone out.

For fun I’d say clar > freya > kage
For serious it’s a tougher call but I’d say kage edges out clar a little for now, and freya last

Currently leveling kage. I recommend him due to the following reasons:

  1. Freya.
    More heroes that kill minions and ban minion spawns are coming. Freya surely is awesome as fast heavy minion machine, but she may fall off very hard and that would be sad.

  2. Clarissa
    I dont have her, she seems to be close to kage, but as many people learned to play with tellu, vela, gravemaker (grazul is a famous factor here)
    Withh malosi there is one more effect cutting hero. A few more tend to come that throw back effects and so on.

  3. Kage
    He still has the unique ability to kill enemy bonus first and then fires. The damage is a total game opener and you have no real option to avoid it.
    Its like the bypass ability with 100%, just better because the bonuses are banned fornyour following heroes.
    And although his damage falls off at targets lower than 50%. He still has enough damage to kill targets with about 20% life (ursena does not, thats just lame). So only in the span of about 25% to 49% kage is a little bit weak.

As you have seshat, i think kage+seshat tend to are strong enough to 2-hit a target.

If you use GM and you like to play with tactical double-burn-down tactic, clarissa could be better fitting. I do like to just take on after the other out :slight_smile:

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Kage is awesome in mono attack team :wink:

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Welcome macskuszhazikusz,

thank you all for your thoughts, this makes my decision a bit easier. 5 minutes ago I read the Freya thread and someone described her as a great tank… I shouldnt have read this.
Anyway, its great to have these kind of problems.

I have Freya max and put her in my defense team in war Alliance and she is fantastic!Also few days later i took Clarissa and i don’t have experience with her yet

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Yes i also had some fun time with her, she is very cool.
But as I stated i an earlier post. If you look at:

  1. Kvasir, the first hero that bans minion creating.
    As 3* no problem

  2. salmon loki most likely can do the same. Still he is hard to get.

  3. Not long and a 4* hero comes out that is easy to achieve, and that bans minion creating.

  4. Gobbler gets redesign, grimble is another Minion munching hero.

So IF point 3. comes true, freya can lose almost everything she is good for. And thats dangerous.

As you cant ban kageburados hit, because he even dispels first, then strikes, i recommend kageburado.

(Yes I find freya way cooler thats for sure, but not better)
(Yes I know kageburado can be affected by hansel, merlin and stuff or brynhilds buffs will block kages dispel)


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However, her statistics show that she is quite a strong hero! Minions cause good damage, especially in combination with Minions of other heroes, and if you have managed to complete them, I think it is difficult to lose the battle and don’t forget the defensive buff and the fact that she has a fast mana
. !! Personally, it gives me solidity and proves it to me in alliances and raids!

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He performs better in attack! So I manage and keep activating it at the same time that the strongest shooters hit me, I don’t understand anything!

Yeah dont get me wrong.

Freya is a great hero. Would love to have her.
And I may be wrong but I am just sharing my opinion.

Another reason would be:
Kageburado on 3 70 = quite unplayable
Freya on 3 70 = basically almost full functional with a tendence to die early, but after she fires once she is greatly protected.

So with kageburado as first to bring maximum (freya should definetly go max later too) you do have two great heroes together.
Having freya max, and kageburado on 3 70 is difficult as his damage is too low on this level, he needs emblems.

And as very fast hero kage can be a perfect game opener, as he fires after 6 tiles where mosr others need 8.

But one absolut big advantage for freya is the war defense. There I see her stronger than kageburado, BUT still hold my argument, that she might be in trouble as soon as the game pushes more anti-minion heroes. :slight_smile:


I thank you, your discussion was the biggest help! I took Kage and also use to play with Freya 3/70. Both are absolut great and with Freya 3/70 playing is real fun, Kage gives a real turbo in any team. His disspell before hitting cracks every defense.
You are great, thanks a lot!:grin::+1:

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