Kage or Clarissa?

I mostly play mono and currently have Seshat+7, costume Rigard+15, Domitia, costume Rigard, and Sabina+11. I am finishing up costume Tiburtus to either replace Rigard or Sabina. I just pulled Kage and Clarissa, so who should I level next? I am leaning towards Kage, but not by much. I have 5 trap tools, so I can max the Tiburtus costume and take Kage or Clarissa to 3/70. I only have one Tabard, so 4/80 will be a while.

I’d go with Clarissa. You already have 3 dispellers - Sabina, Seshat and Domitia so you don’t need Kage as much.


+1 vote for Clarissa over kage.

He hits hard sure but Clarissa is awesome! Particularly when paired with other DoT fast heroes.


Don’t you mean Clarissa?


Lost some words… Fixed now :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for the replies. I feel very lucky to have the “problem” of having to choose one. I guess Clarissa it is. I did feel like both are awesome, so it was kind of a better of two good choices.

I have this same “problem”… here is my significant purple lineup right now:

5* Purple heroes:
+15 Ursena, +7 Kunchen, 3-70 Obakan, 3-70 Sartana
unleveled 2x Quintus, 1x Domitia
NEW TODAY: 3x Clarissa (sheesh!) and 1x Kageburado

4* Purple heroes:
6x Proteus (yikes, I know!) - three maxed… one new one today to complete my “one Proteus per war attack” dream :wink:
4x Rigard (with costume) - one maxed
Sabina, Ameonna, Cyprian, Tiburtus - all maxed, and working on Tibs costume

I find Kage’s massive hit to a >50% hero to be very appealing… as well as the dispel-before-attack to rip through counterattackers and such. But I also like the appeal of Clarissa as well.

In short, I know that Clarissa & Kage will get tabards… I currently have six, so who goes first??

Good gaming!

For you it appears to come down to whether you want a dispeller or not. I am loaded with leveled ones, you are not. Best of luck!

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If you had Seshat at 4-80 I’d say go with Clarissa first. Also, if you needed a purple for defense, which you don’t seem not need now. However, you lack a 4-80 fast purple sniper, so I’d go with Kage in that case.


I had the same question albeit with different roster options and made this post.

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