Freya emblems

For defense

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I use her on war d., my Druid Queen :blush:

Works, as you see :rofl:


I haven’t emblembed her yet, but I’m planning to.

My plan is to focus on boosting HP first (as opposed to defense), and attack second. This will give most benefit to her minions since they get 20% of each, and this emphasizes survivability a bit more than attack, which I think makes sense for what she is.


Hope this helps! I like beefing up attack/HP since her minions are based on both.

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I have always had a doubt about the minions defence.

Isn’t the minions def taken from the caster? Anyone who knows this?

Minions essentially have no “defense” as the hero will be taking on the incoming damage and the damage is reduced by their defense.

This is a link to a thread which I found helpful, cheers.


Thanks!! Essentially, Minions act like an “extended” hp for the caster… (kind of like Heimdall’s overheal… but obviously not to that large extent…)

So, here’s my doubt… when the defense is increased… doesn’t that automatically reduce the damage in the damage output calculation?

Not sure, whether I am clear in articulating my doubt…

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“As long as the attack is inferior to the defense, the damage is ‘compressed’ between 1 and 33 for the tiles and 1 and 100 for the special skills and attacks of the defenders.”

Here is a article explaining damage. The attackers tile damage is compressed when the attack is lower then the defense.

While there is no “formula” this is how I see it.

Offense Hero Attack: 700
Defense Hero Defense : 800
Between the two the defense is higher by 100, 800-700, so the attacker will do less damage. Such as, 32+24+28 for a 3 tile match, without crit troop or crit modifiers.

So your minion will take 84 damage from the attackers output.

Just a very crass example, hope this helps.

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Nice!! I’ll go through that thread more carefully. Thanks a ton for your help!! :slight_smile:

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