How best to use Freya?

What are everyone’s thoughts on Freya? Is she a good addition to the roster?

I’m not sure where she would be used or how to make the most of her.

I just collected the 6th tonic from a titan and want to know if she is worth it before i ascend, and want to know if I would be better saving them?

Thanks everyone!

Tonics are actually for Green/Nature heroes. Are you sure about it?

Well, Freya is a just good support for attack and mainly for minion owners, she also gives a good DEF buff for fast mana. Not sure about her on defense teams since I did not fought her enough and she never gave me any trouble. Keep in mind that Fast minion summoning is very cool.

I don’t have mine emblemed enough for defense. However, for raids and season 3 levels you will rely on that significant minion damage and protection. When you have those minions running, that tricky Seshet in the corner gets eaten alive when you ghost tile. She’s great alone but really shines with other minion makers. Stack red with purple, I bring santa with her. Buddy is a great partner as well.

All of that with fast mana AND defense up for the entire team…she is amazingly valuable.


Sorry, I meant 6th Tabbard - I’ve been playing too long to make basic mistakes like that! :sweat_smile:

Two main uses…

One is to boost minions from other heroes - for obvious reasons this works better with higher attack % minions (Puss, QoH, Delilah, Bera, Noor) than with lower attack ones (Telly, Santa, Buddy, MoNo).

The second is as a “stall” - minion meatshield plus defence buff as a fast mana hero buys you time for average or slow heroes to charge (or in a 4-1 or 3-1-1, a stall on a board with dark tiles but manipulation required for the colour you want for your stack).

Superb hero - you’ll get a lot of use out of her.


I maxed her but found I’ll use my third C Rigard in either mode for wars so Freya has been riding the pine.

Rigard cleanse seems more valuable when facing GTV defenses.

Nothing really bad about her but seems most effective running on minion attack team.

C rigard is so good and cheap considering he does not care about tabards.

Same scene for Kunchen and Aeron, they’ve been overtaken even more pronoucely.

Mine is doing good job together with LotL. I use them both in defense team and when attacking. You have got Telly, with whom she could be in a good synergy, I believe.

Freya is awesome her special dont show it but her minions are strong, espeically when she is able to fire two rounds. I would put her at left flank or left wing

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Other than seshat, my minion heroes have pretty low attack power (santa and telluria). Do you need to have heavy hitting minions to feel the benefit of her special?

you don’t Cbr. Freya boosts minions like crazy. I use Santa with Freya but Mr Claus is too slow. I prefer her with Buddy. In fact, Freya with telly scares me more than GM or Vela. If you don’t knock Telly after her first fire, those minions will melt you. If it becomes normal, I may have to use the tabards on my 3-70 Grimble

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Oh no! Not that. The horror!

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Like already said she’s great for season3 (i use her with Tell, gregorian, ranvir, roc for nearly all levels) and any hard modes/levels, autofarming etc. I use her on war d with great results, at average opponents need 3 hits to take me down since I run that d. Last war I took 13 hits for 3 kills from lv60-80 players. Might be the combination of heroes and I think it’s minion protected killhare that makes the difference, destroying pre-damaged opponents completely. You could try something similar with ursena instead of killhare and then not needing JF, maybe vela or even anzogh taking his spot. :thinking: i am a real fanboy of Freya and there is no one better suited for druid emblems too :heart_eyes:

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When Freya is 4/80 with emblems, her special is devastating!

848 attack on her looks pretty good too! Maxed attack on emblems here.

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