Minion def?

Does anyone know what a minions def is? The description only ever references attack and HP.

Irrelevant :slight_smile:

Essentially incoming damage is calculated off the BASE HERO stats (i.e. the hero that the minion is attached to).

The Minion then just acts as a “shield” and preferentially absorbs the calculated damage. Excess damage (beyond the minion HP) rolls over & gets removed from the main hero HP (or next minion if there is one).


So essentially, the minions defense is the same as it’s heroes def? For example MN and buddy both have minions w 10% life, but MN’s minions could sustain more damage bc her def is higher. Is that correct?

No. The gist of what you are saying is correct, just the wording is wrong.

Damage is a function of the attackers attack stat & the defenders defence stat. Damage is the OUTPUT of the calculation. Damage then DIRECTLY gets removed from HP (unless there is a modifier like Guardian Gazelle, Sif or Black Knight).

HP is reduced by Damage.

So a Minion from a Higher defence hero will survive more HITS from the enemy because of the Defence Stat. Not more “Damage”

As I said, “Damage” is calculated off the Attackers Attack Stat & the Defenders Defence Stat. All the minions do is intercept the Damage before it gets applied to the hero.


Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification.

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