Emblem to Hulda?

Good morning Guys, I would like to hear from you, as an emblem to Hulda? note: I want to use there as a central in wars.

Def/health path is what i would use if i had her.


I’d do health>Defense>attack



I went with health>defense>attack, as the minions gain so high % of hp from her. Although that one path where you have to choose between 3% sword+health or 3% shield+sword I might’ve made an mistake going with the one with health and sword, maybe the shield there does help more as sword is useless for her, her minions don’t even attack. But the 3% health emblem gives then a little bit more health, so that’s why I chose that.

Heres the stats for full hp path: A:811, D:818 H: 1775, meaning minions gain 550hp.

Full def path: A: 803, D: 895 H: 1631, meaning minions gain 505hp.

And of course with limit break the stats go even higher. (or if you use crit troops, the minions gain more health)

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