Sigh, it's another leveling advice post

It’s been a while since I’ve been around and figured I’m overdue to get some advice on how I should be leveling up and who should get priority for leveling.
For background, here’s my general plan for leveling:

  1. 1 training camp is perpetually using the Legendary recruiting option
  2. 2 training camps are perpetually using the Extra Low Cost option
  3. 1 training camp is using element specific (#’s 5-9) option
  4. I’m currently targeting Evelyn for leveling up
  5. I use the recruits to level heroes of the same element
  6. For the non-green recruits, I’m levelling:
  7. Yellow – Vivica (just got her)
  8. Purple – Domitia
  9. Blue – Magni
  10. Red – Colen (close-ish to maxing out the ascension level 3, will start on Grazul after that)
  11. I’m stuck on ascension right now save for Yellow. I have enough materials to ascend to level 4 right now
  12. I’m close to getting enough materials to ascend a 5* red to ascension 3 or a 4* red to ascension 4
  13. After that, I’m pretty low on most of the materials needed for ascending the remaining 5*/4* heroes

So, with all that in mind, my plan is to continue to focus on Evelyn, then Domitia (since she’s already close-ish) then Vivica (since I have little for Yellow and I do have the materials to get her to the 4th ascension level).

Hopefully by the time all of those are maxed out, I’ll have resources to upgrade Magni and then Elena. And then who knows – I may have other better heroes to upgrade.

Seem like a sound plan? Or is there a better option I should explore?

The other thing I wanted to get some opinions on is my defense team. Despite what the screenshot shows, I have it set up as Li Xiu – Boldtusk – Richard – Rigard – Evelyn. Any other thoughts on what might be better?

Thanks for any feedback.!


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