Need help with ascension! 5*

Hey guys need help with ascension, finally got a tome, I want to upgrade a yellow green or red. My first choice is rabbit telly or zeline.

Wow, so many nice choices. You already have some good tank options, so wouldn’t be in a hurry to max Telly. Arguments can be made for Delilah, Lady Loki, Joon, Puss, Lianna, Zeline, Evelyn, Kingston, even Azlar and Vivica .

From what you’ve previously ascended, you don’t seem to like fast snipers that much, or at least have previously ascended supporters or multi hitters - well mostly anyway. If that’s your style I’d do Evelyn for elemental def down, she’s great. But if you like snipers I’d go Lianna, biggest punch in the game

So many of these are good to great heroes, so whatever you choose will probably be a good addition

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I would work on a green hero first as you only have two of that colour maxed. If you are fighting 11*+ titans and think Eve doesn’t have good enough survivability for that then max her first, otherwise it’s between Kingston and Zeline. Zeline is useful everywhere, and her teamwide attack down and dispel is great. If you feel you need a sniper, Kingston hits hard and debuffs the attack of 3, and his burn resist comes in handy when facing GM and Jean. It depends on what you need more, you can’t really go wrong with what you have.

Not Telluria. You already have lots of great tanks and if your team tanks green for war you have Heimdall already (who is arguably better than Telluria). You do need a green sniper…I’d go Kingston in your shoes.

Ya I might go kingston, I just noticed I’m really lacking in green attackers

telly for war tank

Telly is a great tank but average in offensive use - I’d pass (and TBH if I could take back the tonics I would!)

IMHO this is very much White Rabbit Vs Zeline… Personally, I’d very much include Delilah and Kingston/Lianna in the dilemma.

Depends on your priorities - all four mentioned above are excellent heroes near enough everywhere.