Which 5* to ascend? Will be my first three

So about to have the materials to ascend my first three 5* hero’s, after thoughts on who to ascend first?

Yellow - Onatel, Poseidon, Inari - all at 3/70, Justice 1/1
Blue - Frida, Magni - both 3/70,
Green - Elkannen 2/60, Margaret 1/1

Don’t have any red & purple 5*’s or the mats to ascend them even if I got one.

4*’s I have maxed:

Yellow: Wu +8, most other standard & danz part levelled
Blue: Kiril +11, Sonya
Green: Caedmon +9, melendor, gaderius
Red: Wilbur, g.falcon +3, kelile +7, Scarlett, gormek, Colen 1/1
Purple: Sabina +10, cyprian +3, tibertus & c.cat 3/60

I’d probably choose:

Yellow: Poseidon
Blue: Frida
Green: if you’re F2P then Elk, otherwise maybe wait if you do a few pulls here and there

Frida will be invaluable on red titans, and is generally strong anyway. Therefore I went for a single target sniper in Poseidon for balance. You could go Onatel and Magni in a similar vein, but P and F would be my choice

I’ve got a soft spot for Elk but he’s not that great by himself; he is very likely to get my next tonics unless Lianna or something else nice turns up prior. Evelyn took my first tonics, but with matched mana speed and hit 3 synergy, she makes Elk from meh to quite good, which is why he’d get my next tonics

Don’t know enough about Marg to able to recommend her

Cheers, good info.
I’m C2P, gonna be doing about 30 pulls during July hoping for Sheshat… then pretty low spend after that.
Will have 2 x TC20’s running for a while yet.

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I agree with @Infinite
If you going to make 30 pulls for sand empire wait with Elk and hope for Yunan, chances are low but who knows.

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Well there you go. Just pulled Lianna from TC20. Elk’s gonna go thirsty awhile longer

Very nice :smile:

Lianna definitely worth the mats

I would say Onatel and Frida. Wait on Green. I have Poseidon and love using him, but he’s only good on offense. Onatel can go offense or defense so she’s likely better for you

Thanks all and congrats @Infinite!

I’ll wait on green for now.

I really like Frida, so F & P makes some sense.

What about the thought that Snipers (Posideon & Magni) need to be maxed to be effective, where as Onatel & Frida can still be effective at 3/70, whilst I wait for more mats?

Hmmm that’s a good thought. I’m using a 3/70 Frida on 10 star titans and she goes ok, dies a bit but gets the job done generally. And Magni is a great hero so no harm there if you choose that direction

I also have Frida and I agree with Infinite. She’s a bit squishy at that level. Sometimes I have to give her mana pots because she can’t shoot her special in time. She’s still usable at 3/70 tho.

Frida and Onatel. Both are awesome.

Based on power level I’d probably go Onatel, Frida, Elkanen. Onatel’s mana steal is very powerful. She’ll be great on offense, defense (very good at tank in the middle IMO), for rare quests, for challenge events. Frida I have maxed and she’s amazing. I use her all the time with Grimm and Kiril while raiding. She’s great on offense, defense, vs titans, vs map levels and challenge events.

You need some fast speed too. Elkanen is pretty dece on defense.

My choices would be Onatel and Frida and WAIT.

Thanks everyone, am still yo-yoing on the who to ascend, think I’ll go with Poseidon and Frida at this stage.
Sand empire will give me my 6th darts, Shrikewood & Frostmarch my 6th Tonic & Telescope.

Until then just stock piling trainer hero’s and food.