First 5* (Mother North) pick and now roster in jeopardy

Hi everyone,
In a previous topic, TomV93 helped me understanding the good and the lacks of my roster, and we concluded me working on a team made of : Triton | Rigard | Li Xiu | Gormek | Caedmon. I was working on ascending Rigard, but lately, I’ve been picking 3 other good heroes : Wu Kong, Buddy, and most of all Mother North.

With that said, how do you think my future team should evolve? Is Mother North worth to work on her and invest material ? Is she way better than Buddy? My idea, at first, was to do something like this :

Triton | Gormek | Buddy | Rigard | Wu Kong

But with now MN in the field, there are probably more options given to me… Which raid defense and all around attack teams do you think I should work on? Should I still work Triton over Grimm? Wu Kong over LI Xiu? MN over Buddy?

Thanks a lot for any advice!!!

I would keep working on Grimm over Triton. Wu instead of Li Xiu. Do not worry about MN at the moments

When you have 5 tonics start making plans with MN.

Even though i’d do her at 3/70.

OOOOOPS! :wink: :smile: :rofl:

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How many ascencion mats do you have ?

Where do you want to go ?

Keep working on Rigard and Cademon.
Cademon is an excellent allrounder and key for offense against riposte hero tanks and other nasty buffs that need to be dispelled. :smile:

If you can finish ( max ) Gormek do that and start working on Triton.

Li Xiu ist still the best available shorttime tank you have and Wu Kong is lousy on defense.

So you can either push Wu Kong for Titans and offense ( if you are comfortable with gamblers stance ) or finish Xiu as tank and the start working on Wu.

Depending on the tonic and shield situation you could start mother after Cademon but probabely it is a better idea to level Buddy first since he is an excellent very veratile hero.

Enjoy your great rooster and have fun.


Grimm over Triton most likely, Gormek is a much better tank than Xiu, I usually don’t even notice her using the special (however rare she gets to use it), while Gormek drops enemy defense for 6 (!!!) turns. If you don’t have the tonics, work on Buddy. Mother North will wait her turn, she isn’t going anywhere, but you could use a maxed Buddy…

You could do this: Rigard Caedmon Gormek Buddy Grimm. Caed and Buddy flanking Gormek would generate headaches for opponents that think about stacking blue against your defense.

Grimm, Gormek and Buddy have very close special (even if Buddy’s one got special add-on), don’t they? Isn’t it better to have various specials? And for now, I’ve had quite bad luck with 2/1/1/1 teams… Do you really think 2 greens (Caedmon + Buddy) is the best?

Is Li Xiu really better as a tank than Gormek or Buddy?!?

My way to think was like that : my best red char is Gormek, who’s got the same special as Grimm, hitting less but having much more HP and survivability. As I’d like to use Buddy as a green hero, I have to replace Caedmon : Triton seems a good choice, as it can both fill the sniper role and replace the redundant special of Grimm. Then I thought about Rigard for violet healer. And finally, I was hesitating between Li Xiu and Wu Kong to fill the yellow char place : Li Xiu seems better in defense, Wu Kong in offense.

So I was thinking about composing 2 teams :

Raid defense : Triton | Gormek | Buddy | Rigard | Li Xiu

Versatile attack : Triton | Gormek | Buddy | Rigard | Wu Kong

Maybe I can switch Triton for Grimm or Rigard for Sabina in one of these teams? Maybe I also can/should switch Gormek and Buddy’s place? Or maybe I’m completely misunderstanding what i have to do and the choices I should do? :confused:

Why you take her only to 3^70? Im really interested.

Finish Li Xiu (at least to 3/60) before you work on Wu, wu in a defense team is not the best plan. On the other hand, Li Xiu is a hero when you battle against, if you aren’t paying attention, will go off and cause you mass frustration.
Finish Grimm, then work on Triton.

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No AM? … …

Ok, my bad. Im was thinking you dont like her

I do. I want her bad… But f2p:)

Li Xiu is an excellent 4* tank and disrupts attackers mana ( gains time ) when she goes off.

Gormek has lots of TP but lousy defense and is only so so tank.

If I were you I would test these two defense teams and see which ones holds your cups better.

Triton-Buddy - Li Xiu - Rigard - Gormek and

Cademon - Gormek - Li Xiu - Rigard - Triton

Always remember you dont have a fixed attack team. Cademon is the key against quite many defensive formations.

Wu Kong is excellent for titans but only good for offensive raids because he brings the element of chance with him and his use has to be timed very well.

The more maxed 4* you have the more choice you have to color stack and to adapt your team to the defender.

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Sorry for the interruption but i have a really urgent matter now.

I was leveling mitsuko and i just pulled a Gormek, should i level Gormek instead now?

Its for my 2nd mix 45 lineup with Sartana, wukong, Grim and LJ. (maybe kash will replace LJ since i don have healer here, idk)

my 1st lineup is Grim, Buddy, boldtusk, Cyprian and Chao

Grimm Gormek Buddy trio would ensure the enemy has an almost continuous over 30% defense handicap. Given their different mana speeds and formation position they will most likely not use their specials too close to each other. Having all three would make cleansing an impossible nightmare. Keeping two green flanking a red would nullify a blue stacker’s advantage. As I said before, Li Xiu I think very little of… I barely notice when she uses her special. If she is in tank position, chances are she would use her special very early in the fight or not at all. If she fires early, there will be almost no mana to drain (20% from all most nothing), and her damage is close to none… I would use her as tank if she was fast mana, but not the way she is… Gormek on the other hand can take a lot more punishment then Li. He has 5* HP and his defense is not that low actually. It’s a matter of opinion… just try different defenses, see what works for you.

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Mistuko needs a lot of materials and feeders to be effective. If you got those, go for her. If not you might find Gormek useful.

What are you using these teams for? Defense? Offence? You are talking 1st, 2nd, that makes it a bit unclear… if it’s for defense, you should only consider one team, as soon as you find out what is the best you can come up with. Talking about a second defense team is highly unusual.

If you are going to use Khash for defense, make him tank, there’s where he belongs.

On the other hand, if you are talking offense teams, they should definitely not be preset. An offense team must take the shape needed to defeat a specific enemy. Or, you might choose the enemies that fit your attack team by re-rolling. But that usually is the case if you use heavy color stacking.

So, please be a bit more specific.


Its for alliance war on attack, my heroes are limited so i want to make sure my rainbow team is balance with all is needed.

Yes i understand, to raid, you use specific heroes for specific enemies, defense is another story where kashhrek is needed but im still leveling Buddy on final ascend. but i would go for LJ for event quest first.

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In AW, more than in raids, I choose the components of the attacking team to fit the targeted defense. For AW I usually stack at least two against the tank. I choose different color tanks to be able to do that. Usually works. Right now I’m 240 points after three flags, usually, after 6 flags, I’m between 300 and 400 points, if I don’t screw up…

Glad if that helps you in anyway, but, you know, we are a bit off topic, so…

I’ve followed your advice about the Caedmon | Gormek | Buddy trio in defense team, and I must admit it seems great as I often have a win on defense now…

This morning, I just got Wilbur as an Atlantide pick. I guess I have now a serious alternative for my red slot, don’t you think? I’ll probably should ascending Wilbur before Wu Kong?

Both great, but in totally different ways. I would ascend both of the at the same time, if you got compasses and gloves for both. If not, depends on what your plans are. For titans Wu has the upper hand. For Raids / War, offense / deffense Wilbur is a lot more useful. Once his special is triggered, the opposing side will soon start counting their dead, while his friends will be almost impossible to kill. He also renders riposte heroes useless.

Yes, i’ve been struggling with Wilbur a few times, and it was always a pretty hard time…

My goal is to ascend both Wu Kong and Wilbur in a near futur, but as you said, Wilbur is probably more versatile and can find a place in almost all sets.

The question now is how i balance my teams as i’ll lose the agressive power of Gormek. I was thinking things like this :

Defense : Rigard | Caedmon | Wilbur | Buddy | Grimm

Titans : Wu Kong | Merlin | Wilbur | Caedmon | Triton

Raids/War : Li Xiu | Rigard | Wilbur | Buddy | Triton

Do you think it’s good like this ? Is Rigard really usefull with titans ? I sometimes feel he’s useless with titans, that’s why i’m thinking about Merlin to replace him… In Raids and War (and general PVE), i know i have to adapt my team, but for a general purpose, Li Xiu is probably better than Wu Kong as she has a more agressive special…?

Oh, and by the way, thanks A LOT for your help, it really helps me understanding a lot of things about this game :slight_smile:

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