Been playing... but probably should get some second opinions

I’ve been playing for a while and gathering whatever I can. I think I’ve gotten to the point where it would probably be a good idea to get some other opinions on who to have as the main “team”, who I should level up, who i should just ignore, etc. These are the heroes I currently have.

The thing that got me to think a second opinion was that I just finished leveling up BT and didn’t know what would be better next – work on Wu Kong or Domitia.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Some nice hero’s, Grats.

If it was me I’d would feed every single feeder I could find to max WU KONG as fast as you can.


Hi @TKoP. Questions about rosters and gameplay go in the #gameplay-help-tactics section, so that people looking to give or read about advice know where to find them, so I’ve moved your post over here.

The community is great about helping out, so I’m sure you’ll get good advice :slight_smile:


@Garanwyn – noted and thank you.


You have a bunch of good heroes to work with. I agree with @Keyz about maxing Wu ASAP. He is instrumental in high titan scores.

As to your other questions, there isn’t really one single team. Some heroes are good for defense but not for raids or titans. Others are best on raid attack. Some excel on titans but aren’t as good anywhere else (looking at you, Wu). You’ll want to tailor your team to your opponents.

For a defense team, you could use Grimm, Boldtusk, Li Xiu, Rigard, Caedmon. Grimm is a little squishy, but in the corner he is protected, and his defense debuff will make your other hitters more effective. Boldtusk is sturdy and boosts attack. Li Xiu is also sturdy, but slow. She needs to be hit with lots of tiles for her special to charge, so tank is the best spot for her. Her mana cut will delay your opponent’s specials. Rigard is also sturdy and slow, but he is the best 4* healer bar none. He also cleanses, so he can get rid of negative effects and damage over time on your team. Caedmon is a good strong sniper who also dispels enemy buffs.


The defense team listed above would be very effective and give you some useful heroes for other aspects of the game. I would max them and then fast track Wu as your 6th project. If you’re lacking mats bring them all to 3/60 and work on some of your 3*s as you wait. That would be my path with what you’ve shown.

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very cool. Heros looks awesome. 4 stars are usually stronger than 3rd level 5 star. Wu is big with titan. keep up with him. mine is still at 3/60 but I usually do 4 mono color and wu. Kashhrek is one of the better defense tank. since you have 3 healer, I have seen people use 3 healer. if the board isn’t good for the attacker. o boy it will just healing forever. caedomon - boldtusk- li xiu - rigard - grimm is pretty decend layout. boril is good too since the developer up the counterattack to 125 instead of 110. use him next to kashhrek down the road. good luck.

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Thanks for the replies so far – again, much appreciated.

So one question definitively answered in that I should level Wu Kong first/fast.

And from what I read, my defense team would best be (in order):
Grimm – Blodtusk – Li Xiu – Rigard – Caedom
Glad I came here – I would have totally picked Evelyn even though she’s not fully ascended…

For Titans, it sounds like I should swap out Li Xiu with Wu Kong when he’d been leveled up. Any other changes?

What about for Raids/Wars?

And lastly, i’ve been leveling up my heroes with like colored heroes – slower but more efficient. Do you folks just go full on with a specific hero for upgrading and not bother about the color match? I’ve got a few i’m leveling up for each color when I can’t build or recruit a specific color (i.e., out of the correct materials).

With titan it is best using 3 or 4 same color with wu. so keep working on it. I match with the feeder and feed it hero. it is slower but cost less. but if you really need a hero up and going there is way. but you need training camp 19 and everything is already preplan. lots of food needed and training recruit. so if not just keep leveling and you will get it. btw. altantis rise get as many backpack to save it for all your recruit. i run a TC 11 (2) and TC (2) … slow but i get 2*… raising 5 hero at a time, you will get them level few a day. if that make sense.

War, you need 6 set of team. for time purpose. get most to 3/60 then learn to stack them to beat a higher enemy. and raiding is the same. I ran 3 red, 1 green and 1 purple for a long time but without a good defense i keep falling below diamond. Still working on a good defense team.

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Why so many of the same color for different events? I know there is some increase in damage when you have more than one, but I always assumed it was offset by no damage attacks for colors with no heroes. It seems like I always lack the color I need when I have a multi-same-color team.

if the titan is green use red hero… they hit better and more damage. and titan mainly is all about tile hit because you have 2 minutes. that’s why wu is needed and the hardest damage by stacking. now there is another way and that is a buff… such as def buff and color buff. if you have those type of hero. it boost more attack… heros like kiril, boldtusk, grimm, gormek, tiburtus, then you have heros like jackal, or cat, panther, frida which increase color attack with def color buff.
Does that make sense?

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@Kwoky00 – yep, totally and so dumm (sic) for not thinking of that sooner.

Wouldn’t we all love to have 2 minutes? Unfortunately it’s only 90 seconds… And each of those seconds counts…


Sum is greater than parts when color stacking. There are several threads detailing why if you do a search. I don’t remember if the tip of my head exactly why, but it really, really works. Guess I should go searching too😂

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