Fire Hero Ascension Dilemma

Looking for some feedback here. My current defense team consists L to R of Zimkitha, Athena, Guinevere, Zelina and Khiona. All are 3/70 except Guin who is 4/30 and counting.

My question is, i have enough ascension mats that i can level 1 Fire hero to level 4. Should I go for Zim or hold off until I have my Queen of Hearts or Mitsuko ready? Also keep hoping to eventually get lucky to pull Ares or Gravemaker so I’ve been reluctant to use the rings and Damascus blade on Zim. Thoughts?

I really like Zim. I would possibly pick Ares over her, but your chances of getting him are slim so I wouldn’t hesitate personally. The Queen is interesting… tbh I haven’t decided how much I like her yet. Nice dilema to have :smiley:

That’s a really hard question - Zimkitha, Mitsuko, and QoH are all very good heroes. I feel like QoH is just barely the best for your defensive team, but Zimkitha has better overall utility due to her cleanse and fast mana. How many rings do you have exactly? My gut says to bring Zim up to 4-80 since she’s already close, then work on QoH next.

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If i had all 3 i would do QoH, Zim, and then Mitsuko in that order.


I have 9 rings (6 required) so I’m halfway to the next set of rings. The main issue is I only have 1 Damascus blade and I’m fearing I’ll want to use that for Zeline or Athena so I’ve held off on Zim since she has higher health, mild self-healing and her Skill is already 8/8.

Yeah, I’d prioritize Athena as well. In that case I’d take QoH then Mitsuko up to 3-70 and level Zin whenever you pull another D blade.


Thanks, I was sort of leaning that way anyway though I don’t need to ascend anyone right away. I may wait til I get them all to 3/70 (also have Marjana at 2/32 as well) and if I haven’t acquired a slam dunk new Red 5 (apologies for the Star Wars reference) I’ll pull the trigger on QoH I guess.

I feel ya I’m in a similar situation
Zimkitha 3/70 Natalya 3/70 for the rings I have 5
But I also have 106 fighter emblems i wanted to pimp boldtusk3/60 or Colen3/30 but just have 5 hidden blades wich all of them take 4 of for final ascension !!! So who’s better zimkitha Natalya boldtusk with level 6 emblems or colen
Will I get 4 more blades in time I get 1 last ring ?
Personally I was going to do Natalya first then see I just really like her !!

As with any question like this it really depends on the rest of your team and what you’re focusing on. I like Zim in my raid defense because she’s a fast cleanse, some AoE damage, 25% attack buff for team plus mild self-heal on the wing. She has great use in my team because I have a defense debuffer, attack dropper, mana stealer etc so I have all of the bases covered.

If I was doing more offensive raiding though, I’d probably level Marjana or Mitsuko first or QoH and use my Delilah tank. So your red dilemma really depends on the heroes you have available and what aspects of the game you’re trying to focus on.

I have a very similar dilemma among QoH, Zim, Marjana and Mitsuko.

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I would keep them for the queen, so far, all the tests I have done, to 3/60, in attack is outstanding and in defense it will be the same in one flank.

At least Farholmepass in April will bring another DB.

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I had same dilemma, have exact same red 5*.

I tested QoH 2/20 in war with my clean up team, she blew me away. Literally saved my other heroes 6 turns and even at tier2, she survived for 10 turns vs 3600TP!

She is even better on offense, OP when paired with Wilbur. So for me, first to get rings.

Even though I will be maxing Inari and Kageburado, I’m planning on maxing Zim next. Especially if you have other reds 3/70 or 4/60, I think she brings most to the table. Then third I’ll go Mits and Marj has been 3/70 for a couple of months and I’m okay with that.


That does make me feel better. By then i should have enough to max two more of the heroes.

Yes I’ve got my QoH to 2/35 now and she definitely has staying power against tougher opponents. Im trying to level Delilah too because that combo is pretty deadly for an offense team. Very fun to pair with hitters. Im going to try and pair her with Wilbur to test how powerful that duo is. I had even thought about pulling Khiona and tossing QoH in my defense with Zim so she gets the healing and keeps the others from enduring specials

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