Any advice would be appreciated.... red five star discussion

So I’ve finally got enough to ascend a second red five star hero after Ares. I’m torn and can’t really make the decision, so I was wondering if any of you guys could be as helpful as you have been in the past. I have four options all at 3/70 and ready to go. Elena, Mitsuko, Queen of Hearts, and Zimkitha. Thank you in advance

Mitsuko or Zimkhita , depend on your rest team

I would go for Mitzuko.
Why? Because after activating mitzuko’s skill, you basically become immune to blue titan’s skills and reflecting it for x5 times if all your heroes are alive. If you want ascend hero for raids purpose only, QoH wold be great for defense becase her minion has taunt and Zimkitha for offensive way because buff attack all your heroes.
Resuming in my opinion:
If you want to ascend for titans: Mitzuko
If you want to ascend for defensive Raid: Queen
but if you want to offensive: Zimkitha

hmmm that depends on your entire roster and what are your main objective. If it were for titans, I guess Elena is to pay attention because of her very high tile damage. For defense, QoH is a monster, but Zimkitha is also an annoying wing. My election from those 4 would be Mitsuko, as I like mana control (and I have who to pair her with), but I wouldnt use her against titans

But why would you bring a red hero against a blue titan? You’re giving up a huge amount of tile damage, given that red is weak against blue.

I’d take Zimkitha, even without knowing your roster. She doesn’t appear amazing at first, but that fast hit/buff/cleanse is very valuable, especially as we see more and more GMs on defense. I do not want to “feel the burn.”


+1 for Zimi

She’s got a nice combo of skills.

You’ll farm, raid kill and cleanse with her every day due to being fast and she flanks many top 100 players.


i think he was watching video from Anchor bout bringing Mitsuko in titan , i wont do it either

The rare blue might worth … but i would also go for zim… how many offensive heroes clean status ailments? More than the attack buff i would go for her cleansing!

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ops… sorry… mental bug hahahahahah
I was confusing with Ursena logic… hahahahah

Maybe against rare blue, for the chance to reflect back all the nasty effects it throws, but, well, no. Careful deployment of timestops against rares keeps them from casting.


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