Finley talent grid path

Hello! :slight_smile: im finally maxed out my Finley and now its time to give him talents. I went attack but on lvl 8 i got problem what to choose. Defense % or Mana bonus what do you think? Thanks for help guys!

It depends on what 4* blue mana troops you have. With the 2% bonus from the tree, you’d need level 23 mana troops to charge him with fewer tiles.

Also, do you have any other heroes from the Pirate family? There is mana bonus if you use 2 or more heroes from that family on the same team.

Thanks for answer! I Got 11lvl troops and no other pirates. So i go Def buff then :slight_smile:

Well, if you are planning to take your mana troops to level 23 in the (distant) future, the mana node would be more beneficial.

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