Finally fated summons

It took me a couple of months but im finnaly done. Who dhould i get?

This is my 4 and 5 star roster so far

what is your play style 3+2, mono, 3+1+1?

Good for you,its always a plesure to see P4F player>I was also very happy when I got fated samon becouse it was very hard for me to gett 100pulls Looking in your rooster there are two heroes for you>you have Ludwig and Milena in combinacion whit Thor they will be exellant for you or you can gett Ariel(best healer in season 2)

I just got my first FS summon.

I was close to picking Ariel, who is probably one of the best options on the current FS grid, and supposedly one of the best healers in the game. But Blue is one of my strongest colors.

Instead, I chose Grazul because my hero roster is Red poor AND she’s better than the best Red healers I have. So eventually, she’ll be part of my mono Red team.

Looking at what YOU have, I’d opt for Ariel. Again, she’s a top-notch healer that you’ll probably use for the rest of your time playing this game.

FS refreshes in a few weeks. And the oracle says these will become available …

Personally looking at your roster, I would wait and look to Lord Loki


If you are not able to complete any PVE content then Onatel is almost a che at code to help you overcome any boss in the game. Freya is also a good option as you don’t seem to have many overheal or minion heroes (which also helps you progress further in PVE)


On this topic @Homaclese who do you think has better overall use - Malosi or Onatel :sweat_smile:

But in answer to the OP I’d go Ariel OR wait and get Lord Loki (Lolololo)


Onatel 100%.
Malosi is good. Onatel is great


If you are willing to wait a little more till 6 April, go for Loki.

He can be anyone you want him to be. Fancy one of the shiny new heroes? Loki will copy their skill. One of the most versatile heroes.


Both are really good…. And Onatel - well I have two :grinning:


How about fully emblemed malosi vs naked Onatel? I have no more wizard emblems but heaps of barb lol

On my FTP account I play Onatel at 3/70… so my vote still goes to Onatel. Her skill is GOOD, you want to take her to every single PVE boss battle. She does well in PVP as well although I replaced her with Bonecrusher who I can max and emblem. At 4/80 I would have probably kept Onatel in my team.

Malosi is useful but much more limited


Sorry for my question but I don’t understand something: I have items made 85 pulls and only 15 left to complete 100! If I don’t keep pulling until the list is refreshed will these 85 pulls I made items still exist or will i lose them?
I don’t know what to do! If I can keep that 85 with the List refresh then it’s worth the wait!


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You’ll keep them

20 characters


You will keep the 85 pulls that you have made already …
Your score will increase to 100 maximum if you make pulls …
If you don’t take a hero from this Fated Summons your 100 count remains if you want to take a hero from the new Fated Summons in April
Good luck

although I’m not the one tagged, just chiming in to say I agree with @Homaclese - and this is speaking as someone who has Malosi, but not Onatel.

Onatel can delay and disrupt three at a time by slowly leeching their mana. Malosi can only disable one at a time, meaning you have to choose the biggest enemy threat out of 2/3/5 enemies. Onatel also refills her own mana, meaning with good timing and a good team set up, she can keep delaying the enemy repeatedly. With Malosi, you disable an enemy once, but you need to either deal with that enemy OR take out other threats in the meantime.

granted, I believe Onatel’s weaknesses include both Clerics and Monks (I think…) while Malosi only fears Monks, not Clerics. on the other hand, Malosi only disables status, while Onatel just drains mana period (so she’s also helpful against damage-dealers and minion casters, healers and resurrectors).


All of the above. Plus she deals damage to 3 (you can choose to recharge her fully after just 2 turns of tile dumping if you want to focus on dealing more damage than keeping the mana control going at a heightened rate). Plus her special is uncleansable. Plus she has tanky stats. Did I mention you can virtually defeat any combination of bosses in the game just by keeping her and your team alive?


I played Onatel at 3^70 for a long time, because I was new to the game and didn’t have the darts. But then, I got Poseidon as my second five star, and I concluded that Onatel can still do her thing at 3^70, but as a sniper, Poseidon had to be maxed to be effective, so he got my first set, and I still used on Onatel at 3^70. Quite doable, although this was admittedly before emblems and aethers.

You failed to mention her element link, which is 4% heal to all yellows (or all heroes, if you have another 2019 HotM). It sounds piddly, but the number of times it has let me come back to win a fight with Onatel as the last woman standing is… not inconsequential.

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Yeah @Noble_Weasel +1, the heal is one of her best traits. And, depending on your team composition, the whole team can share the health boost.


you have a lot of blue including Milena 5* so make your choice also in relation to the evolution materials and the usefulness of the hero