Fated summon help

Opinions needed!!!
Need help choosing fated summon.
It’s kind of a big deal cuz I don’t get to spend much money on this game so I don’t get a lot of pulls .
I really am lacking red five stars, Was thinking Tyr but a lot of people are saying not to get him.
Some of my best heroes I already have for references are:
c. Kiril (blessed tankard)

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If you want a red hero Mitsuko is a good choice. She reflects blue and reduces mana of opponents heros.

It also depends on what area of the game you want to improve in. As many of the options fit into different roles.


Thank you so much for your time and your input.

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Agree. mitsuko is the best red hero here. particularly useful for you in defense. Mana cut heroes really excel after an unwanted cascade charges them and then they stop specials for 1-2 turns.

Also useful on offense for same reason.


Mitsuko chosen. Thank you guys for your opinions and time! :heart:

good choice, she was my 1st pick, too :slight_smile: Same problem here, red is my weakest color.
Grazul isn´t bad either, but I never have cleric emblems so I am not likely to pick her.
Tyr is completely useless :smiley:
S1 is not even worth mentioning…

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Tyr was my choice for Fire too, but then I read the threads… lol

Holy is my weakest so I’m here looking for opinions. I liked Thor until again, read the opinions…. Just shows how much I still have to learn. Onatel or Thor is where I’m at right now

Why not Poseidon? He gives immunity against negative mana effects

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Besides all the S1 heroes, there are only 3 heroes, that are of absolutely no use to anyone thet I can think of: Thor, Tyr and Telluria. All other heroes do have some use or other, but for the life of me I cannot make up a case for those 3 (other than you already having picked 12 other heroes from the list that is)

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Holy I would choose Onatel or Poseidon


Hahaha seriously though

Onatel was my first pick for Fated and zero regrets, shes awesome. I picked Poseidoon with my last one and also zero regrets with him maxed now. Great for alfrike


Went with Onatel, thank you for the info.

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I could use a little help too.
In the picture you can see my favorites. The most needed colours from me is dark and holy.
Here my thoughts.
Tarlak: I have the Guardian Gazelle, which does the same as him
Onatel: I have some emblems for here
Thor: I can give him nearly full emblems but attacks first only one enemy :frowning:
Kageburo: also can nearly be full emblemed but also “only” a sniper. I have Seshat, Domitia and Sartane who also only attack one
Freya: Would be a tank option because at the moment I use Obakan or Kunchen. But Gazelle needs the same emblems as Freya an I am not sure if she works without costume as tank

Thanks in advance for your help and thoughts

Thor is really a bad hero, it is one of 3 (besides the S1) that I always recommend everybody to ignore.

If you already have Seshat, Kageburado is also pointless in most cases.

That narrows it down to 3 generally very useful heroes.

Tarlak would be an upgrade for blue titans, so it depends how important it is to you to work towards a perfect setup for every color titan… I see nothing wrong with using gazelle on all titans.
She isn´t actually the same (because se actually boosts all damage including skill damage), but she prevents you from having other buffs, especially the normal attack boosts from heroes like Tarlak. So it´s pointless using them both together. Since Tarlak can stack with another attack booster (like a banner or a hero like Brienne etc). The total boost will be higher than the 100% gazelle gives.

Onatel is a generally useful hero that combines damage and mana control, can´t go wrong with that. Btw Poseidon has a special use case (in addition to just being a sniper), which is preventing Alfrikes mindless attack during rush. So he is worth considering for that purpose.

Freya is another generally useful hero. She works on offense and defense equally well and as a tank option she is definitely going to be a good competitor for Kunchen. Her speed and especially the mana steal on death make her a tank I would prefer over Kunchen in most cases.

Thanks for your time to answer.
I allready have Poseidon fully leveled and emblemed.
So its down to two, which helps me a lot.
Thanks a lot

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@Gargon I took Freya


Opinions Would be Greatly Appreciated!
My current roster is as follows:
Dark Legendary Heroes: Quintus, Sartana, Domitia, Obakan
Holy Legendary Heroes: Justice, Joon, Vivica (Costumed), Inari,
Ice Legendary Heroes: Magni, Klaern, Isarnia (Costumed), Thorne, Ariel,
Nature Legendary Heroes: Lianna, Kadilen (Costumed), Telluria, Elkanen (Costumed)
Fire Legendary Heroes: Zimkitha (Costumed), Guardian Kong, Azlar (Costumed), Marjana, Elena (Costumed), Khagan

Do we know who the heroes are in the next Fated Summon?