Finally fated summons

Thank you once again!Informative!
Good luck to you too!

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IF the prediction is true, for someone who wants a minion summoner who’s better, Bera or Freya?

Bera is better then Freya :blush:


Mush better choices than the first one.

Can anybody tell me when i keep full this time around fated portal it stay this way when New appears or will be reseted?cant find it anywwhere else.Thx in advance

The info in this Topic should answer any questions you might have :nerd_face:

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I originally thought about getting Tarlak, but nobody suggested him do far. Whouldnt he be a game changer for blue titans?

Who do you think is better? Onatel or Posejdon? (I have already Alfrike & Miki - mana control, Grazul - protection)

Ariel was my first choice :slight_smile:

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When you have maxed out your fated summons count at 100 it will stay there until you select a hero from this SE or the next one in April etc …

Unfortunately if you make more summons it won’t increase your count above the 100 max count

I took both, have leveled both up. Not impressed with either.

I agree with @JGE Above. I would hold for Loki looking at what you have. His skill will always be valuable.

Onatel, no question. Power creep means Poseidon is no longer a fearsome sniper. His main purpose is blocking mana ailments, which is important, but niche. I got Onatel as HotM in January 2019, and she’s still my favorite card in my deck. She does so much so well and is a prime mana controller.

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Get Ariel before she is gone and you regret it.

I have 2 maxed and if I didn’t get Milena, I’d max another two Ariels.

Usually it will be onatel but unless you are facing a lot of mana cutters like waterpipe, Poseidon still has a use and is relevant there