Final fight of Titan fight time

Couldn’t find this on the forum. Hoping someone has an answer. We have 7k left on a titan and about 30 min left. I have a flag popping 1 minute before the titan flees. If I am able to start the fight before it’s time runs out will it let me complete the whole fight? Or will I only have the 55 seconds between my flag popping and the titan flee time running out?

It will count as it’s still taking place or just get a merc

Seriously I got one in GC in like 2 mins

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Time will run up during the fight.

If you’d start 20 seconds before it’ll escape , the fight would last just that 20 seconds.

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Thank you for the replies. Fortunately one of our newer members stepped in before my flag popped and was able to finish it off for us! But good to know for the future.

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