Valor Titan Merc Thread

Hey folks :slightly_smiling_face:

Some of us in less active alliances may struggle to fulfill the titan mission.

This thread shall help alliances and players to beat the Path of Valor.

You should post the name of your alliance, the time of the titan ending, its strength and the amount of free spots.


The Awsomes
Feb 22nd 2020
22:30 h [timezone]
10* red rooster
4 spots

Probably this will create a win win. The titan will be attacked more and the mercers will get a kill.

Do you need more tita kills?
May your titan escapes you?
This is the thread for you.
Ask for help or help others.

Rules for the alliance:

  • set your alliance to open
  • don’t boot mercers before the kill, if they stick to this rules and are kind
  • post at least an hour before the titan disappears or is expected to be killed

Rules for the mercers:

  • attack titan at least 2 times
  • don’t exploit the offer
  • be gentle

Let’s see if it works.
Happy mercery :slightly_smiling_face:


I have a question about mercing, as i have never done it.
If I leave my alliance to go merc, I hit it once or twice, do I then have to stay in that new alliance until the Titan is dead for me to be credited, or can I leave and when the titan is killed, I get credited for it? So, essentially what I am asking: could I join Alliance A, merc with 1 energy. Leave before that titan is dead and go to Alliance B, do the same, then Alliance C… and I will be credited for ALL 3 when they are killed?

I’m pretty sure you have to be in the alliance when the titam dira to get credit for it

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Very nice idea in principle. Let’s see if it can work…have my doubts on that!

Honestly that’s what I would assume too but you never know, so I figured I’d ask

Unless something has changed which is always a possibility then yeah you have to be there when it dies to count. But keep in mind that when you leave an alliance it will freeze your titan chest for 12hrs


This is the same thing that you will find if you check peer support on the in game chat.

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The chat is way too crazy.
A thread is more comfortable.
Especially for elder players.

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Got a 2 mercs yesterday through GC
Just posted 3 times
8* red 45mins left untied_evolouition
Kill it please!

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Agreed. The only drawback of posting on the forum is that you wont get as quick a response as peer support. There aren’t as many players on the forum and those that are wont check the thread all the time.

When I was mercing the other day for POV I was using peer support and there was a lot of competition on titans with low health. When I’d join an alliance usually there were like 5 others joining at the same time. So yeah it can get competetive and hectic. One time I left because there was only about 50k left on a titan and like 4 people joined at the same time as me so I figured by the time I set up my team and attacked it would be dead


Yeah when I had two turn up I asked the first one can you kill it? They said yes I rejected the other one!
Mercs out there in chat people :+1:
Post a message someone gonna see it! Or I got lucky! :woman_shrugging::joy::thinking:

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There are also Line chat rooms for Mercs too. Both requests and Merc hangouts.

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Ours is about to escape today.

Feel free to help us taking it down. Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Alliance is

Pfefferbude Hamburg

Open above 2200 trophies.

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Down to 100K now…

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Killed, thx :smiling_imp:


edited: it got killed

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We need some help with a chance for darts:

Alliance open above 2200 cups:

Pfefferbude Hamburg

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Actually i think this is a pretty cool thread

May see if the casual alliances i know would be interested

Would get more people into the forum as well


Please help :dizzy:

Pfefferbude Hamburg
5 places

We welcome Titan Mercs or anyone who wants to join full time!

Grey Company Mercenaries
March 4th 2020
8am [ GMT -5] (10 hours from this post)
9* Onyx Dragon , 962K health remaining
8 spots open, struggling to stay on track with this one.

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