Final decision

It’s time for one final ascension. Choises are Alfrike, Jabberwock, Bera, Clarissa, Sartana, Dometia.

I currently have Kunchen, Seshat, Myztero, Hel fully ascended.

I do play a lot of mono and need this one to help in wars and raids.

I think you are the best suited to answer that question. You should ask yourself “What do I need that hero for?” “Defense, attack, tournaments, titans?” And the next question: “What class of heroes do I have spare emblems for?”. Answer these questions and you’ll know who to ascend. But I suspect you already do know, you just want to see what others have to say about it.


War and raids - attack or defense? I would go with Jabberwock in either case, though.

I agree with both @Ian487 and @Nightmare2048.
And in my honest opinion it would be first Jabberwock and then … Clarissa for a purple stack

Thanks all. I was leaning Jabberwock, but Bera, Alfrike, and Clarissa have been fun to play with, too

I would go Jabber followed by Alfrike. Though you could switch that order and still be pleased. Alfrike is a nuclear bomb.


I personally would do Jabber, Bera and Clarissa before Alfrike if your priority is war. Jabber for obvious offensive and defensive reasons. Bera b/c useful against Telly wars and fast speed meatshielding. And Clarissa b/c my favorite part about her is the very fast +30% defense against special skills. That’s saved my purple team a few times from getting killed when I started with a bad board. Alfrike is just too slow to be effective in GTV wars. Sure she’s a beast in Rush attack tournament and PvE, but I wouldn’t use her for much else.

That’s a great point. I would like a solid GTV counter. I like Jabber’s damage on the wings. They’ll all eventually get ascend but can only do one right now

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