Clarissa, Alfrike or Freya and defense team

Which one of these three to ascend? I have a defense X, GM, Tel, Vela, X where X can be Kingston, Hel, Ursena, Neith, Marjana or one of the three in the topic of this post. Freya and Clarissa wont get emblems, as for Alfrike I dont know if its good to take away emblems from Hel. Which one should be ascended first and what defense would you make? Thanks for any help

Alfrike is really powerfull but i wouldn’t use her in defense because she’s very slow. Freya is nice and minions are the new cool. But i would pick Clarissa out of the 3 because she’s very versatile and she’s very fast. That’s 6 tiles with level 11 mana troop.

As for your purple spot in the defense team i would probably go Ursena. Still a really good hero for defense. Especially if you put emblems on her to increase her attack.

I’d max Alfrike first for almost guaranteed success at very fast tournaments.

I’d max Freya for raiding and attacking

I’d max Clarissa for defense team

But mainly would focus on Ursena.

I have Ursena on 16 emblems. Are you saying I should place her in def team in wing? I dont think it is the best position for her. Wouldnt Hel be better in that spot? And I want to leave the middle unchanged so no room for Ursena in tank or flank

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All 3 are worth ascending and you can’t go wrong with either. In your shoes, I would still be using ursena on defense (sorcerer emblems don’t have much competition) and she’s awesome. At average, she fits better a flank position rather than wing.

I would also ascend Clarissa first, because she’s a well rounded versatile hero and will likely see a lot of mileage. Freya second, because she’s a good “healer” and have great synergy with other minion summoners. Finally, Alfrike. She’s tons of fun, but at very slow, you won’t be bringing her to “every” fight like the two first.

I’m assuming you’re using green tanks + same color flanks, so with that I’d do this:

Marjana | Vela | Telluria | GM | Hel

Hel on wing is decent but not ideal. You could also try Kingston instead, but that also doubles up on your tank color.

I would max Alfrike personally. She’s powerful enough without emblems. Bring mana potions + her to Legendary challenge events and enjoy.

For raiding / war attacks, I’d choose Clarissa.

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I dont have problems with events even without Alfrike so I dont consider that as a plus really, I mainly want these heros for attack and war and so far people tend to turn towards Clarissa. For defense though I really dont know if I should go with Hel wing, Grave flank or Ursena wing, Grave flank or Ursena flank, Grave wing or sth else

Clarissa then is the best choice.

If you’re allowed to change your flank colors, then I’d do this:

Marjana | Ursena | Telluria | Vela | Gravemaker

I get the appeal of having a big effect on the wing, but at average it’s also hard for that hero to prep their skill in time.

Marjana before Gravey as well, so you don’t overwrite the better burn.


I see that Marj is best suited for that wing position but Im afraid that GM would still fire before Marj due to his very fast speed and the fact I own only one 4* red mana troop so Marj may often overwrite GM effect. Maybe that Kingston instead of Marj isnt that bad idea

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Forgot about Hel. Yep. Go Hel. She’s still one of the best cards out there.

Just throwing this out there… freya’s Realm bonus is annoying af. Reduction of mana when she dies… it’s cost me a match or two. :woman_shrugging:

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I do not recommend slow or average mana speed heroes on wings. Sartana, Sartana(C), Seshat, Clarissa is the best to use at wings. Also you cannot use alfrike as 3/70 in the tourney defense but you can still attack with her at Very Fast Tourneys. She has nice stats and can protect herself at least 6-7 turns. @Xevo

@Math4lyfe Red Hood for the win!!! :wink:

Nice pulls! Of the three, Alfrike and Feya are the toughest to get, and most unique. Which to ascend first depends on your play style.

It looks like you’re focused on your defense team. In that case it’s easy. Put Ursena in and don’t worry about putting one of the other three in.

Then the decision becomes what else do you want to achieve? If you want to kill rush tourneaments, Alfrike. If you want to have fun with minions, Freya.

As for your defense team, I’d definitely put Ursena on flank, and either move GM to wing, or out completely. Although very fast, he doesn’t hit hard, and in hundreds (if not thousands) of raids against VTG defenses, IMHO both T and V cause real problems if they fire, GM does not. GM only is a problem if you can’t kill him after a few fires, because then his light damage starts adding up.