Help needed! Neith or Leonidas for final ascension

I understand these “this or that” discussions are very situational so my heroes are below.

I’ve just got the elusive 6th dart from a raid chest so this is now a decision I have to make…and I’m a bit stuck…

Neith - very good utility, has all of the usual yello things (mana drop, minus accuracy and damage everyone) with the mana link. I’ve faced her a ton in diamond lately and I was 100% sure I was going to level her as soon as I got the dart…but…

Leonidas - He tag-teams very well with Guardian Jackal even now at 3/70 so I do wonder just how good that would become when fully levelled. Certainly a double hit that I reckon could drop anything in the game (bar a rogue dodge…pesky rogues) I do like his mana drop and heal. People don’t really give that the credit it deserves, it can be game changing if you get it ready to go at the right time.

So over to the brain trust to give me some help…

You could pull for Li Xiu’s costume if/when costumes come back and that gets you a quasi-Neith. That’s a 4* option that maybe doesn’t work for you. In general, people seem to value Leo more than Neith, but Neith is also very new so people are still finding things out about her. Based on my understanding I’d go with Leo.

Yeah. I did 10 pulls on the costumes on the first release and got nothing but 3* ones…4 Gunnar costumes :man_facepalming:

So yeah but there’s always the change RNG doesn’t like you

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