Final ascend Neith vs Leonidas

I dont have Guin or Justice or Drake but I have Neith and costumed Li Xiu. Li Xiu its much better then Neith for attack, and I have found Neith in any combination on raid she dont make nothing. I love to face her like opponent because she dont push me with anything even with 19 talentes.

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Same dilemma for me neith or leo. Both at 3.70. I also have justice at 3.70.
We use yellow tank and I currently use vivica at 4.80+1.
I wont use emblems on neith they will go on seshat and probably liana eventually…
And I got 400+ monk emblems… so I’m leaning toward Leonidas …

Right now I’m still waiting for a lucky tc20 with joon or a costumed vivica…
Or any good pull.

Leo is much better than Neith. His 40% mana cut is pretty amazing.

Neith is not good in anyting, she is the best exemple of how devs can destroy a hero

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