Marjana helps (a little) against Telluria. Natalya not so much

Like so many of us, I have been destroyed by the Gravemaker/Telluria/Vela combo in raids. Destroyed meaning that even with average to good boards, my mono red team gets wiped without killing anyone. I literally need a red diamond within the first two moves in order to win.

Even though I’ve seen posts about Natalya having some effectiveness against Telluria, in practice I’ve found that Telluria manages to generate her minions and heal before Natalya burns her.

Finally I drew Marjana, maxed her, threw on some emblems (sorry, Domitia) and swapped her into my red team. I actually left Natalya in and took Gormek +20 out.

The result? Improvement! Instead of losing with zero kills, I still die repeatedly. But at least I take Telluria out now. So the raid flag isn’t a total waste for my chest. :laughing:

For those of you wondering: my red team is

-Boldtusk +20 (no costume)
-Santa 4-80
-Elena +5
-Marjana +6
-Natalya +5

Try replacing Santa/Elena with Guardian Falcon/Willbur. If possible give Mana troop 23lvl to Falcon so he + Marjana would charge at the same time almost (Marjana would need 8 tiles and Falcon 9, but it’s 3 red combos that does the magic).

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@tol1 Thanks! I have both Falcon and Wilbur maxed, but with no Emblems.

Troops? Nowhere near that level. Mana 14, Mana 6, Mana 5, Mana 4, Crit 1

ETA What about Scarlett +19? High tile damage and fast but still squishy even though I went HP/DEF on all the emblems.

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I’ve had no luck fighting GTV with reds. Or greens for that matter. My GTV killing team is:

Quintus (he’s all I have don’t judge me!)

Grimble gives a little mana for killed minions so he effectively makes Quintus average. Unless I get practically no dark tiles that team works really well - even with a meh board.


@Lesa I don’t have Grimble. I pulled 3 of him on my second account though! :laughing:

Costumed Rigard is amazing. Love him so much.

You’ve made me rethink GTV though. I could try my purple team.
and either Quintus or Sabina+20. Which would you pick?

ETA I could always throw Proteus into the mix. Given enough time to go off, he would neutralize GTV.

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I’d choose Sabina. I think having 2 healers is what keeps me alive long enough to kill everyone.

Jabbs would be fun to use! My opinion of Quintus is low - probably lower than he deserves. I think the only reason he’s able to do one lick of damage is because Grimble clears out the minions first. Then he can hit them all with his teeny tiny flyswatter. :grin:

ETA - I need to get some talents on Proteus and give that a try!

You’ve given me so much food for thought! Even Chesire could help because he’d break up that unholy trio. Thank you @Lesa


Coming up against Tell tanks in war I have had some success with purple/ green or purple/ blue stacks. I don’t run mono, favour 3/2 instead.

My standard GTV killing team is Grazul, Baldur, Khiona, Seshat and Zimkitty. Sub out Baldur for JF if Kunch, Isarnia or WR are in the mix. That team has approx 65% win rate…albeit boring to play same offense all the time.


Natalya is a victim of very careful DoT design before they decided to go in full yolo with more recent heroes.

She and Morgan, and potentially other early DoT heroes, weren’t balanced into emblem world where heroes have nearly 2000 HP (even more, if you add new S3 abilities), and where healers can even be fast or very fast, and where significant % of heroes can block status ailments completely.

Unfortunately, even though it’s obvious these are dangerously off the meta, there’s a blind eye from SG. You don’t like it then keep chasing 300 dmg over two turns at very fast to 3 heroes…

As for your team, you are missing cleanse which is crucial against Telluria/Vela/GM. Bench Boldtusk and start taking Rigard and your winrate should drastically increase.



“Grazul, Baldur, Khiona, Seshat and Zimkitty.” I have NONE of those. :laughing;

Thank you though.

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Hi Adrian,

I’d love Marj for my Tell tank raid team. She’s sitting at 3.70 as I wait for AMs.

Here’s the team I regularly use and have had a lot of success with.

I’m L51, and only have 8 maxed 5*s in total so not a lot of options others mention e.g. Mitsuko and Grazul; however I win with enough regularity to get into the top 100 cups a few times.

I have also had success switching in Capt. D (when Freya etc. are also in the team), Mist or Perseus for Scarlett.

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I was maxing my Natalya just now because I had no other reds I wanted to max (I have 4 Elena’s, 2 azlar, 3 Marjana [1 maxed and emblemed]) but just picked up Noor…

I have 2 grimbles… noor or grimble you think?

@Tetsaiga other discussions here are noting the increase of heroes which summon minions, and people are starting to think that the much-maligned Grimble may be becoming more valuable than he was before.

I can tell you from personal experience that a maxed Grimble (no emblems) has just enough oomph to kill anyone that Mother North resurrects. I hold off firing him until just after she goes off. Bang! Dead again.

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Yep. I’ve always felt in the back of my mind that Grimble would have his usefulness. Now with Telluria, seshat, noor even… grimble seems way more valuable. I’m glad I kept him.

I feel like Noor is more offensive, grimble, more defensive… on teams

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Personal strategy, I don’t go against a team with GTV without a cleanser, most times even two, as you can be sure any of the 3 would fire, and unless you are lucky to get red tiles avalanche in one or two moves , using mono red imo is a little less ideal…they become less effective when V casts, receive more damage…also get burns from G.

For raids against GTV, ,most of the time I go 3.2 ( 3 purples two reds =>C-Rigard,Marj,Hel, Zim,Seshat) and be ready to work the board,…the strategy here is recover from status ailment and heal → C-Rig; good tile damage to the center-> Marj & Zim; available in time to clean dot → Zim; dispel any 3, - > Seshat, attack boosts from Zim and C-Rig come as bonus…atleast the win rate becomes significant…a slight variation though, if Finley is in the corner…

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Since you are running monoreds, Telly is to be killed using tiles 98% of the time, not through hero skills. I have an alt account still at level 45ish and it has killed Telly tanks with a fair success. The funny thing is, the monored being used are common 4 star heroes coming from your training camps: 2nd Scarlett - Boltusk+4 - Gormek (emblems stripped) - Colen - 1st Scarlett+20. I always make it my personal rule to manipulate tiles within the first 4 moves to kill Telly. I always try to better and improve bad boards appearing at the onset, working the puzzle of the tiles (here, you need to think. and think the hardest. it’s not necessary to immediately make a red match at the beginning when in 4 moves, there is a possibility of making a diamond tile… or trigger a bad cascade resulting to all enemy heroes having full mana or close to it, there’s that). Of course, luck plays a factor so call my uber-lucky.

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