Field aid war defense

Was looking for opinions on war defense this go round. Both teams have two healers in one form or another for a field aid war. It’s a tough one for me as my alliance rarely fields red tanks but this time is different and is allowing for more flexibility since I am using my best current tank which happens to be red which allows for more options for me personally. Appreciate the opinions and feedback…

I would go Alby - Seshat - BK - White Rabbit - Finley

My thought process:
Alby - revives setting up all charged to fire
Seshat - sniping (although with Finley I’m wondering whether her dispel will be counterproductive for stripping all the buffs)
BK - Tank
White rabbit - def down
Finley - Attacks after all buffs are up for max damage

Edit: As I was writing my reasoning, I am re-thinking if this alignment is best (I think the hero choice is).


It’s good but I agree that Finley would work better left of BK. Thanks Void!


I like that approach too. In general, I don’t like healers in field aid wars (I think I do use one though as I’m lazy and don’t often change for the special), but Alby does other stuff than heal.


I think something like:

Alby - Finley - BK - Seshat - Morgan

would be super nasty in a war, despite not being rainbow.

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I would put Vivica in place of Rabbit

Don’t forget AI will be playing for you, to me def down should fire first if possible…

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