Does your war defense vary due to different types of field aid or war boosts?

Mine varies.
If heal will be applied, I’d use more healing units.

Against speers and attack buffing I prefer fast sniping.

I’m not much experienced in wars, so I can’t say if it will change sth, but mostly I’m one of the best 5 in wars, even though I’m just in higher midfield at teampower.

Do you use different teams due to the kind of fieldaid?

Sometimes i put an extra healer or tricky half-healer in, when arrows are on, to stretch the rounds on defense. When healing is on, i sometimes replace a half-healer (in my case proteus for gadeirus), the 3rd field aid is totally senseless to me, attack+ over time i guess, schnarch…like we say in Vienna.


Bump. Just curious if people tuck a healer in the corner on their defense with Field Aid, or fast snipers maybe? I usually just keep the same lineup but I’m trying to step up my game here :upside_down_face::grin: thanks for the advice!

I’ve tried to put Kunchen in a corner once during Field Aid but it was a disaster. Mine was the first team to die lol. Kunchen was at 3/70 back then though.

In Field Aid / Arrow Barrage wars I put 2 tanky healers (Kunchen, BT or Kiril) + 3 heavy hitters in the team, and a single healer + 4 hitters in Attack Boost wars.

I usually am not in the top scores because me and other teammates use all our turns to kill or weaken strong enemies. My clan wins most wars that way.

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Since war rule speed up less heroes you have, i like some self-healing heroes (like Elkanen, Leo, Morgan or Anzogh) in the corner when heal rule is up, in the middle on other rules.

My defense used to vary according to war boost when I was using 4* but now that I have a rainbow 5* team it doesn’t. maybe when I have more 5* maxed it will again.

I used to use Boril and Cyprian on wings for field aid, more healers for arrows, more snipers for attack boost.

First time I’m going to try the snipe me if you can annoy by health strategy for fieldaid.

We are using blue tanks.

Non hitting hard slashers :rofl:

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