Field Aid: A How To

All too often I see threads about the unfairness of field aid. I think instead of slamming the concept, we come together as a group and discuss how we combat it. Before I begin, I will set some ground rules.

  1. Constructive ideas only; however, it is fair to disagree with another poster, but be sure to validate your claim.
  2. All posts with “I hate field aid” or the like will be flagged. That is unproductive to discussion and creates a negative atmosphere.
  3. Once discussion data saturation is reached, I will create and implement a guide to field aid strategy.

Now we can begin.


Use it to your advantage on defense.

To combat against it you have to have depth at AoE and strike heroes. Kill those corner pockets first if you can and have a tank or flank to kill at the end where you’ve got more real estate to run tiles at them when the aid is ramped up.



First you need to distinguish between the FTP/CTP and PTW crowd as roster has everything to do with it. I think alot of the complaints come from more of the FTP crowd as their is not alot you can do to combat the heal spam but stack accordingly to the enemy team and hope for the best. This really is more a SG problem and the FTP crowd needing more options at their disposal from TC20 heroes.

When were talking about the PTW crowd and CTP they usually have alot more options at their disposal far as heroes and ways to slow down the heals. Not gonna write a essay on team building as their are alot of good guides in the Guide section of this forum.

Haven’t looked over there in a week or so but has a guide been made with the FTP crowd in mind and the options they have at their disposal to deal with the many more hardships they come across then us players that spend a little or alot?


The audience I want to foster is a guide for all. Be it FTP/CTP or PTP. Mechanics will be similar for all groups, but attainable to the PTP faster. That, I understand. What is important is understanding how to work with what you have, no matter the skill set of heroes.

Since this game is for the long haul players I think we can work out a symposium which will benefit all demographics. You are right that there are a lot of good team building guides available, but people want brevity. They don’t always read through everything. I want to research this topic ad nauseam. Basically, if someone searches Field Aid, a simple guide pops up first.

All I am asking for here area ideas on tactics, both defense and offense, and if you have nothing, how to help your team by busting tanks or annoying enemies, etc.


If you struggle with a full lineup, volunteer as clean up. This lineup can cleanup just about any 2 to 3 heroes left on the board, field aid or not:

Gan Ju, Azar, Valen, Berden, Balthazar.

Step 1: Ghost. And ghost only.
Step 2: Focus Valen, Berden, and Balth on 1 target at a time and then move to the next. Use Azar + Gan Ju to make sure your opponent never fires.
Step 3: Repeat.

All 3*s. You don’t need to be a pay player, or have a deep lineup to pull it off.


Take a rainbow of all slow or avg AoE heroes and wait till at least 3 are charged and let the AE destruction rain down. I know, not the greatest brainstorm but it has proven for me to be effective in raids when im messing around with different strategies.


@Hrairoo this is a great idea & I look forward to your guide! @Kayo you have already helped my alliance. Thank you so much for the philosophy of “use what you have” and for giving an example of heroes everyone is familiar with and that are accessible to new players!!!


What does everyone recommend to take as healers? I find if I take two healers I’m often left in the position of having a Rigard or Sabina dug in on the wing and having no strikers (or tiles) to hit it.

Then my two healers keep healing (everyone keep healing!) and I’ve been forced to flee before getting timed out.


Problem is parity in most guilds. Throw away the top guilds and you’ll find most guilds have half strong players (team level) and the bottom half working on things. So, examine guilds fighting titans… probably 70% of damage is done by top ten and the rest throwing in 1-5 percent contributions. The bottom half of most guilds struggle in war because even their best team can’t beat most of the other teams best defence let alone have 5 more tries at it with inferior cards. You throw in field aid lol and it’s plenty of frustrating. I’ve noticed as well that some guilds with better rosters throw two healers on defence and it’s impossible. My suggestion is; make it so you set up 6 defences and once your first ones dead it goes to second. Drop field aid and arrows. Now, assuming the defences will be weaker second time around the weaker teams can participate. Guilds will have to organize. The deeper rostered guilds will win at first but eventually it should be easier to match opponents for SG.


I think that sounds more like a wish to have the current structure change, as opposed to the OP asking for a How To Guide for what already exists.


I don’t have a loaded roster but did manage to pull Hisan the Horse from event. Hes a green 3* fast and i did not notice him much for wars at first but vs healing aid he blocks 100% healing a few turns and fast mana.

Ive read multiple players having grest success with the vampires who steal healing i believe it is but not exp. With them.

  1. Mana blockers and reducers. Field aid will still heal, but you can stop the healers from adding their own healing to it.

  2. Most players will put extra healers on their defense teams, so you don’t need to worry too much about defense; focus on offense. Use anyone who increases attack power, criticals, etc. I’ve mostly moved beyond 3* heroes but I keep a Melia around to amp criticals. You want to do so much damage that the healers and field aid can’t keep up with it.

  3. Play with an eye toward setting up combos, if you get a decent board. If you make a diamond or two, leave them there until Kiril or Boldtusk or whomever is making your hits harder, and then unleash the destruction. Remember that those amplifiers work on your board attacks too, not just your specials.

  4. If you only have lower-level heroes left, pick a particular hero to target (or find a reduced team) and double up the appropriate color. Support them with fast hitters and those that do poison or fire damage or weaken defense.

Don’t bother with defense amplifiers, strikers and healers that clear the defending team’s buffs, or doubled healers on your attack team. Focus on hitting and hitting hard.


Another tip is to consider some of the less widely used heroes that have more unique mechanics.

Perseus is widely regarded as sucking but his special really helps on field aid and the vampire trio of Vlad, Valeria and Victor with their health stealing also makes things easier.


I stack specials until I can fire and kill one or two people. It’s really as simple as that for me.


When attacking a high level team with a lower level team, ghost the healers and flee before field aid activates. You’ll get points for whatever damage you did along with making the fight easier for the next person. It’s not a perfect strategy, but when you’re in an alliance that is constantly up against stronger opponents, you learn to do what you can with what you’ve got.


I agree that keeping an eye on the field aid bar (and healers mana) is vital. It is better to flee than end up with a 0 score. Weaker players often have to throw several flags at a target to bring them down. Do yourself a favour and leave them weaker rather than throwing a last desperate board move, and undoing your hard work. I definitely like fast mana snipers for field aid. Take them down completely one at a time. As soon as you make a gap life gets easier, and its one less hero bashing you. Debuffers are fab in any war, but when dealing with kiril or kashrek on a wing they make a big difference. But the most important thing is to pack for DAMAGE, take them down as fast as possible, your defence/healing heroes often just draw out the humiliation.


Yes, definitely. Stack your team with heavy hitters, ghost until specials activate and nuke one (if you can). I know most of you guys probably play at high levels, I’m used to fighting against teams that are MUCH higher than mine… the idea of “drawn out fights” is kind of foreign to me. When I’m attacking a 3600 team with my 6th flag it’s more like “uhh let’s see how much damage I can do in 30 seconds before I get killed” LOL. Especially when they’ve stacked healers and riposters at tank and flank and there’s field aid - at that point I’m just happy to score 10 points. Hit and run before the field aid cancels out all the work you did.


@Hrairoo can you add links in your first post to some of the best strategy suggestions? It might be helpful for people who are mainly interested in pure advice rather than the surrounding discussion and analysis.


Sure. When I have a day off I’m planning on scouring some of the older strategy guides and adding to here as well.


I try to set-up a Teams with much power and less healer…Wu and other attack increaser are a great help. I kill more with tile damage than with special skills.


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