Field Aid: A How To

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I’d like to see advise for people who do not have 30 fully levels heros and how to create teams with only one or two full teams. Or how they break tanks or clean up.

I’d also like strategy for the second round, as that is where it becomes a crap shoot (minus those who save their best team for last minute heroics)


Some general tips: If you don’t have any obvious combinations at the lower board, and are not setting things up for a diamond somewhere, try to do combinations as high as possible on the board, be it a color you need or a color you want to get rid off. This will maximize the possibility getting tiles you need, as it will produce the biggest change on the board.

When you are fighting a healer, especially in combination with field aid, it’s almost impossible that some healing will not occur if you dont have luck with your board. Try to set up a combination that will deal damage (not always possible, I know), charge your heroes and fire them together followed by the tile combo - and do this when the healer just fired, so they’re as low on mana as possible.

**taken from @Ornery
Please feel free to offer more advice or strategy.


Maybe it’s just me, but I haven’t found the war rules to be all that game-changing (original version of the arrows excluded). Field Aid in particular is easily countered with a team heavy in offensive specials. For example, most corner healers can be defeated from full health with a quick 1-2-3 punch from a Sonya/Caedmon dispel (to remove any defensive buffs), a Ramming Pulveriser, and a good sniper shot.

Taken from @lexinen
Please feel free to add to this discussion

Since this is just me, talking to me at this point, I think I will begin a dialogue with myself.

How I interact with Field Aid:

  • I imagine there is a secret Hawkmoon whom I can’t kill. Yes, healing is going to occur despite my best efforts. Ok, now I can move on, knowing it is a six vs five, uphill battle.

  • At this point, one must understand the basic mechanics of hero selection. Finding a target that maximizes points per flag is important, but, more so is understanding how the enemy is set up and what skills they possess. If all you look at is the TP without knowing the actual skill or the troop behind them, you are destined to lose.

  • Select your heroes per fight. Do not pick “team 1” and “team 2” based on their overall TP stats. I only say this because I see it happening over and over again. Augment to what the enemy has posted. Combat their specials. If you know you are underpowered, try and chose a healer…you know they have that snarky unkillable Hawkmoon.

  • TALK TO YOUR ALLIANCE. Is there someone else in the alliance who knows they can one-shot-one-kill that team? Yes? Then step aside! There are 24 hours in a war. Maybe your team is better suited for the second round or a respawn.

  • This brings me to another great point. Just because you are online, does not mean you need to use a flag right now. Think of the entire picture. If your teams are weak, maybe DISCUSS with your alliance how best to use who you have. Could someone break the tank and you could clean up? Or are you the guy who has all the blue heroes when the opponent is running red tanks?

  • The more powerful your alliance the harder the teams you fight. Using all six flags is mandatory, but now comes the using each flag efficiently. If you feel under powered for field aid, please opt out of war. It is always arrows x2, aid x2, boost x2. ALWAYS.

I will discuss how to level teams next, but I am tired now.


Field 3 healers, if aid was healing and 3 hitters, if aid was att buff or speers.

Fights should be like every other raid. Use 3 stacked against the tank and 2 against the most annoying other or your favorite strategy.

Use defense buffers against speers and attack buff aid and try to field healers and mana controllers against heal aid in your 3-2 stacks.

Stacks sometimes also get additional advantages from elemental links.


My main change for field aid is defence… I add Morgan instead of an attacker. For offense, agree with above. Look carefully at what mana controllers you can use but basically just try to kill ASAP


Check out this interesting thread on using vampires and others to counteract field aid


This is a lot of good information thank you. I am still trying to understand all these abbreviations. Would be helpful if you add that in your guide. Half of them are not understandable to me yet. I would like to know how to keep my Hawkmoon alive she seems to get killed off faster then the rest and Rigard can usually sustain the whole time.

For my strategy during wars I find the team that is their strongest and fight them first I use my my strongest hero’s if I think I can win or take out a few of them. Than as I get into my weaker hero’s I look to take out ones that only have a few hero’s left. Either to reduce damage or to take them out.


Second: thanks for replying. Hawkmoon dies quickly because her defence is only 446 (fully leveled). I used hawkmoon as an example because she only has one skill which is to heal. I thought this was relatable.

Is there anything else you would like to see? I’m obviously not finished yet, but guidance on research is always appreciated.


Can someone tell me what the purpose of field aid is? I’m meaning what’s the thought process from SG for having that in there? I can see how it works for top alliances where they have 6 maxed teams to attack with but for medium alliances with a wide range of players it’s a disaster.

My opinion:

Arrows: Something to lower your health, it will never kill you, just wound.
Boost: Adds to the attacking slash and specials.
Aid: Heals (duh), but does nothing against your selection of heroes.

I find it a trifecta of skills. You have to adapt to the style. I’m sure this is nothing new for you @Texas1970. The point is that it is a unique circumstance for you to find out how to beat. I find field aid to be a 6v5 fight. The other two are dispellable buffs. So, in my opinion, not really a challenge. I think the point was to be well rounded as far as different mechanisms. But, I honestly can’t speak for SG.


Small Giant was clearly looking for some way to distinguish the AW experience from raiding, and to up the degree of difficulty for offenses.

Normal raids are so easy to win that wars would tend to be boring affairs for strong alliances without adding something to the mix. Field aid applies both strategic and tactical stress to the offense.


Thanks for the guide I went to the page and bookmarked it. Having a link to the jargon will be good especially for new players. Learning strategy and how points are calculated plus all the other ideas that have been mentioned here. I have been playing for about 6mths now. I didn’t know what I was getting into, but am glad it is a very mental game. Balance is key, and trying to buy your way to greatness doesn’t work slow and steady or medium is good. There’s a lot to learn and manage in the game and learning strategy. Who to keep who to upgrade and not upgrade.

Also explaining team cost and how that works.

One of the challenges I have when taking on a new opponent in the wars is trying to figure out who will work best with who as my players are used up.

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Messing with healing is an interesting and undervalued skill. In most raids I don’t value that skill much, but against healing field aid, it’s great. We have:

  • the sand heroes from the summer event
  • the vampires from the Halloween event
  • HotM Perseus
  • Captain Sargasso from the Pirates event

Am i missing anyone?


I would add triton off the top of my head


All summons gamble heroes. Why am I not surprised.


The biggest help I have found when fighting healing aid wars is to hold my attack specials until all are charged, then unload them all at once on one target at a time to kill them completely. Don’t worry about if they heal before you hit. If you stack snipers, particularly if they have a defense debuff like the pulverizer triplets, you can pick off one at a time, then ghost tiles and repeat


That’s my all time strategy. Only fire with non buffing hitters, if there’s a chance to kill at least one with a following tilerain or if the charged one is going to die.


I’m not sure. Why indeed.

I’m really pretty new at this game and all of the advice and ideas here have been so helpful. I however am still trying to figure out how to use the field aid myself. I just played my first game in a war and field aid was used every time i did some serious damage. I can say it is truly frustrating. So I would like to be able to return the favor at least. But every time I hit the field aid thing at top of my screen all it does it give a description what it is.


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