Skadi or Rafaelle to ascend?

Have Vela, Richard, Athena, Fenrir, Thorne, miki, perseus and magni already at 4/80 - i havent seen any skadi or rafaelles in raids or war so dont know their efficacy

It depend on what you need. If you need healers, Rafaelle, if you need more of an attacker, Skadi.

I do have to say, after Skadi’s buff, she’s pretty good, mostly against minion teams. I would personally go with her. Also, you wouldn’t see her in raids because she is more of an offensive hero.

Skadi for sure.

Skadi got updated (a buff imo) and now should be able to take out minions with her special skill. There is an increasing number of minion heroes in game, mainly Telluria, with more to be introduced (Bera, Sept-Dec HotM element links, etc).

Skadi is one of the best offensive heroes in the game. Easy choice, especially with the buff she just got. Skadi over Raffaele. The only time I’d pick Raffaele would be if you were in huge need of a 5* healer.

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Glad to hear you think he is one of the good hero’s in the game. Makes it easier for me to acend him

I swear my game is self aware at times. it has prepared me well enough to handle bera and the many upcoming minion spawners, bestowing me with skadi this month. Any Bera fighting an opposing skadi is a death sentence.
And yes skadi all the way.

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Same, I want Alfrike so bad but game seems fit to give me heroes I actually need, such as Heimdall (a must for Valhalla Hard) and now Skadi too. Will make all those Telluria teams much easier.

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