Misandra or Fenrir... Who is better as secondary sniper in a stack?

Have to say that if anyone asked me, I would recommend both heroes…

My current stack is Ariel - Costume Magni - Vela - Frida - Aegir. Planning to be replacing Aegir on war stacks when I can prioritize damage over survivability. Not looking to use anywhere else (unless we get new OP red tank heheh). Not looking to move emblems around.

Misandra had me using her at 3.70 for long time, and if not for the GTV meta I would have ascended her over Vela. The mana gain to enable Ariel/Frida a turn earlier without a need of moving another set of tiles is great in my opinion.

But now I pulled Fenrir. He looks to be great at finishing off half hp heroes with minions, which is something I would love to do against Telluria tanks I constantly fight at wars.

Does anyone have both and can opine on how they compare in practice? Who is most satisfying?

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