Aegir vs Misandra

Good afternon,
I have 2 blue heroes, like i say in the title, Aegir and Misandra, and i can not decided witch to get final ascend. I have Alasie at 4/80. I need the second blue for defence team, titan and maybe ofence.
I dont have a proper tank, I use Elkanen or Vivica, but i try to fight with Aegir and Misandra and both are good in tank position. Some they say that Aegir is good in ofence, but Misandra is good also :slight_smile:

I don’t have Aegir, but I have Misandra, she is a part of my blue mono team, consisting of Kiril, Athena, Arthur, Magni and Misandra.

I gave 17 level mana troop to Athena and 11 level mana troops to Kiril and Arthur.

So, what happens is after charging my team with 8 tiles (enough to charge Magni and Misandra), then activate Magni and then Misandra, and with 42% case my average-mana heroes also get immediately charged, allowing me to wipe out 1 or 2 enemy heroes.

I don’t use Misandra anywhere else, unfortunately, and I’m planning to take her Fighter emblems and give them to Elena soon.

So, Misandra doesn’t hit THAT hard, and can fail you if you depend on her. She is not a sniper, she’s more like 3-hitter which actually fails to hit the flanks 58% of time. When she hits though, you’ll like it.

I think neither Aegir nor Misandra are actually good in tank position, but that’s just me.

They are pretty different heroes and both of them depends heavily on the other team’s member to be good or not. Elkanen tank + Aegir could be a strong combination.

Thank you. I will give the scopes to Aegir :wink:


If you have Zimkitha then your defense could even be sturdier, by increasing the healing on damage features and removing harmful status effects, expecially lowering the burning threats.

Zimkitha - Elkanen - Aegir could be a good trio.

To be honest i don’t dislike Alasie used as tank flanked by two reds (double Grave or Zim - Grave), and if you plan to use a blue tank then you don’t need a second blue on your defence.

That said, obviously the most suited for tank position is Aegir rather then Misandra.

If i have to choose solely basing on my experience and “guts” i don’t really know which one i pick.

Honestly i probably wait 10-12 scopes and put in line after Isarnia, then decide.

I have aegir in my alt account at 3.70, I got him about 2 weeks after starting a second account and he was my 1st 5(over 8 months later 1 finally got joon from pull and 3 from tc20 so far). With the buff he is great. On titans he’s a must. Healing all 5 Plus spreading hits to all 5 instead of 3 like before is great. On offense he’s great as well, pretty much same reasons. As for defense I don’t have him at 4.80 yet but at 3.70 I’ve tried him at flank and tank. I noticed a large decline in overnight attacks since v20. And it doesn’t matter if he’s tank or flank I get hit maybe 2x whereas before it was much more. Alasie is a strong hitter so depending on needs would define who I ascended but I think both are fine. Isarnia is great except she’s slow. But if she goes off it hurts.