Fenrir, Glenda or Misandra

Hi, it is time for me asking one of those questions again. I have 6 telescopes in my possession along with Damascuses and Tomes. So now I would like to know who to ascend:

  • Glenda: I have 2 5* cleansers (technically 3 but Viv is in her costume most of the time) and none of them are blue, so she would have her use. Ditto for powering up specials, and her damage isn’t nothing to scoff at.
  • Fenrir: I have Kage at +20 so they would complement nicely, but from what I’ve heard he’s not that great.
  • Misandra: I really like her mana generation to all. Heimdall and other slow heroes are especially pleased with this.

What I have:

:five: 5* Full:
:red_square: Red: Elena, Natalya, QoH, Guardian Kong, Tyr, Grazul
:blue_square: Blue: Magni, Miki, Vela, Skadi, Krampus
:green_square: Green: Gregorion, Kadilen, Heimdall, Lianna, Bertila, Frigg
:yellow_square: Yellow: Ranvir, C-Vivica, Sif, Norns, Roc, Joon, Odin
:purple_square: Purple: Sartana, Victor, Clarissa, Marie-Thérèse, Kageburado, Ursena, Seshat

:four: 4* Full:
:red_square: Red: C-Boldtusk, Guardian Falcon, Wilbur, Sumle
:blue_square: Blue: C-Kiril, C-Sonya, Mireweave, Triton, Jott, Saphire
:green_square: Green: Hansel, Gadeirus, C-Gandalf, Brynhild, C-Caedmon, C-Kasshrek, Almur
:yellow_square: Yellow: C-Wu Kong, Guardian Jackal, Gretel, Mist, Gullinbursti x3, Lady Woolerton
:purple_square: Purple: Rigard, Proteus x2, Cheshire Cat, Merlin, C-Tiburtus, Fura, Sabina, Ametrine

So which one should I ascend? Or should I wait for S4 (is there even blue 5* available this time)?

I really love Misandra. My very first 5* hero and still one of my favorites. When her special goes off multiple times she can be devastating. And the mana boost for allies is great. That being said, the damage, cleanse and special skills buff for Glenda is pretty great. You’ve got two fast heroes in Magni and Vela, two average in Skadi and Krampus and slow in Miki. Maybe a stack of Vela, Glenda, Krampus, Magni and Skadi makes the most sense. I dunno…tough choice. Good luck!


I’d do Glenda, she’ll really help your blue strikers in a stack. I like my fenrir, great finisher for weakened enemies. Not a big fan of Misandra, I don’t like hoping she hits more than one enemy, I like knowing what I’m going to get.


I agree. Glenda the best. But I would throw my 2 cents for Fenrir too.
Sometimes people don’t remember he is a fighter and auto heal himself, I have won some raids with him because he died, revived, oneshotted one foe and brought its skin home.


glenda is awesome you won’t regret it

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Thank you all. Yes, I am mostly inclining towards Glenda, especially with my lack of cleansers. Will be working on her then.

I can’t speak much to Fenrir and Missandra beyond fighting against them occasionally, but Glenda is great. Every blue heroes gets a minion with a pretty high A value (I know they’re low HP, but anything helps) and she cleanses the whole team.

Remember her special A buff only applies to adjacent heroes so placement is key. I have even used her as a neutral color sandwiched between two strong color hitters with good success.

Her attack boost will stack with Boldtusk or Kiril (or anyone else if you have fancier heroes), so that will really get the A values up. She is best when giving her boost to heroes that hit multiple enemies.

Good luck out there!



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