Which blue 5* hero should I ascend next? Glenda or Fenrir?

Hello everyone! ^^
I have this blue 5* team at the moment:

Miki Frida Ariel Alice Misandra

and i can’t decide for the next blue: Fenrir or Glenda?
Fenrir is a good sniper but glenda has the 40% special buff…actually i do not know which position would be best for her :confused:

Just FYI, +40% special skill damage literally means adding +40% damage to the special skill. It’s not multiplicative.

So the buff isn’t exactly as good as it seems. Not on its own anyway – she works best with an attack buff like Kiril’s, in my experience from beta.

If this is for defense, I don’t think Glenda is better than your Alice. Neither is Fenrir imo. So I wouldn’t worry about defense.

I’d go with Glenda if you’re lacking 5* cleansers. Otherwise I think Fenrir is better.

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I have Ariel maxed as well

Glenda imo. She hits 3, buffs, cleans and gives minions from elemental link. For mono attack team pretty fair deal

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