Which blue to ascend next?

I still building my 5* heroes but need an advice which blue to ascend next. My current defense is MN 13+, Sif 19+, Bera 19+, Glenda 13+ and Marjana 7+. Since we running green tanks in war, I’m waiting for the last tonic to finish Heimdall as tank since MN don’t suit too well in tank position. And therefore Glenda will be switched into the wing and that position isn’t for her that good also. So for war I’ll need another blue hero. I have 12 scopes and Misandra at 3/70, costume Richard 3/70, Fenrir 3/50 and Thorne 1/1.

I would probably max C.Richard, not very good wing but great overall

But just fir wing in defence Misandra is best out of your heroes (and she is good in offence to)

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Problem with Richard is I won’t be able to put emblems on him, 'cause all paladin emblems will go to Heimdall.

If you have emblems for Misandra max her first then


Would ascend Fenrir or Misandra, both should be fighter class if I remember correctly. Probably the more popular hero is Fenrir. I have none so it’s up to you which of both you like more :wink:

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