Fenrir against titans

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I just went through the Fenrir thread looking for an answer to this but it wasn’t there. I am close to maxing him and have a lot of fighter emblems to boost him. Love the tile damage but how does his special skill work against a red titan? Do you get the boosted 600% damage if the titan’s HP is less than 50%?

Thanks in advance!

Yep, works the same as other HP requiring heroes. My Kageburado only hits for 450% when titans are over 50%.


Yup. My Kage also does, too. I don’t see any reason why Fenrir wouldn’t inflict 600% damage on titans with less than 50% health. However, we all know that heroes’ damaging skill against the titan is nowhere near the damage of the favorable tiles against it, especially when directed on the titan’s weak spot.

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Wonderful! Thank you two. Looks like I’ll hold my hits as long as I can for the titan to be weakened. Either way the tile damage is serious.

@Chadmo For titans, I bring a different hero than Fenrir while the titans health is well over 50%. Then, I swap in Fenrir with subsequent attacks once the titans health drops below 50%. :wink:

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Great idea pal! I have a good team now, Fenrir would probably replace Jott

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Special skill damage isnt really significant on a titan hit. Whether Fenrir does 600% or 300 % will have an extremely minimal contribution to your total damage since tile dmg is by far more significant. I’d rather keep jott and replace a different hero with Fenrir.

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True, for titans I choose heros with decent/good tile dmg, and more importantly - attack buff/debuff, defence down and other supporting heros the makes tile dmg higher and/or improve survivability of my team, mana controllers, depends on a titan.

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Definitely! You guys gave me great advice a couple of months ago

Attack order when attacking titans for best possible score

and I’ve been using it since against titans. It works like a charm (except for when I’m not paying attention and take the wrong element team against a given titan!). :wink:

Makes a lot of sense. Fenrir’s tile damage is beefy though. And I need my Kiril and Grimm in there. Have Vela with 18 emblems too. Tough the replace Wu. Lot of decisions! Thank you

Not 100% sure, but I observed, that my Fenrir’s special skill on a Titan with less than 50% health left does about the same damage as one blue tile.

Kiril‘s atk buff is applied
Frida’s ele def down is applied
Grimm‘s def down is applied
And Tarlak is also doing his work

So the main cause of using Fenrir against red titans is his tile damage, he is my blue with the highest atk beside the ones I use anyway.

What level titans are your hitting? Does the titan 1 shot your heroes?

If you aren’t getting 1-shot by titans and are using Kiril mostly for the attack buff, you should probably switch out Kiril. On your titan team, Kiril is the hero who is most easily replaceable with items.
eg: Grimm, Vela, Fenrir, Jott, Wu Kong + Dragon/Titan Banner, Bear/Turtle Banner, HP pot, etc

Tbh, this team would also work if you are getting 1shot by the titan if you bring mana pots or scroll or alteration.

Hitting 9* and Kiril in not on shot. In fact, it seems like he can take 2. I have him at 13 emblems and he does have the costume bonus but I keep him as regular Kiril