Fenrir or Magni

Who should be level?

Other maxed 5 stars blue: Ariel, Richard, Isanria

See: Voidstrike’s ToS of his reply

I am partial to Fenrir as I believe his finishing 600% is excellent with all the minions and what not going on. He also helps his own survival rates with his heal based on this damage.

You can’t go wrong with either one but I lean towards Fenrir.

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it depends. I think Magni has a lot more uses. Do I run into a <50% Shithat with minions from time to time? Sure. But, I can hit anyone I need to with Magni where Fenrir you will have to plan. The hero at 60% that is about to unleash on you Magni would kill and Fenrir won’t. You’ll find yourself looking for a <50% hero to kill which may be less dangerous. I go through this with Kage all the time.

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I have Fenrir at 3/70 and he is still very useful. Magni has a costume in beta currently, so if you are interested in Costumes you may wait to see if you like it?

I’d personally go Fenrir as he is next on my list, right now Telly is taking up my food. He has a nice blind ailment, he has decent damage and he can be amazing in war for cleanups and Red titans since most of our titans are below 1/2 health.

His biggest problem is his class as he has to fight for emblems from Kingston, Tyr, even ascend costume Boldtusk.

I’d go Magni. One of the best classic heroes, great all around (titans, offense, defence, wars). I think Fenrir is a bit more situational than Magni. Magni will do a lot of damage no matter what. And his defence buff is really nice. His costumes looks really nice too (if you manage to pull it).

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