A Couple Of Random Questions

  1. If I hit a Titan with a hero that does 295% damage to the Target and minor damage to nearby enemies, do I get a higher percentage due to the fact that there’s only one target or is it still only 295%?

  2. Is there any advantage to having the “Finishing Titan Strike” other than bragging rights in your own Player Profile page?

Thanks in advance

  1. You only do 295% damage to the main target, which is the titan.

  2. Just bragging rights :slight_smile:


Thanks Dave. :grin: I was trying to figure out why they had the Titan strike thing as even a category lol

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Anyway, high Titan damage is from tiles, direct damage from special skills is secondary or third…
but you need those special skills to increase atk of your heroes and lower defense of the Titan
Color stack against the Titan (use at least 3 heroes of the color strong against the Titan) + wu Kong (Tarlak, miki, ranvir) and each tile will make several thousands of damage.

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Okay great information. I did not know this. Thank you!

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