Duplicate 4*

How many of you use duplicate 4*'s to level up other heros…I already have 4 fully leveled Sonya and scarlett and many others but my TC20 keeps giving me heros I dont need and cant easte resources on to level them up as well. I have a duplicate quintus already and haven’t even started leveling the first one since I already have DOMITIA at level4…should I also use repeat level 5* to level if need?

I used duplicate 4s to level often, for where I am at personally in the game I have no use for duplicates of 95% of them, there are some I hold onto for now, hansel ,guardian jackal etc. BUT eventually I do see a worth for multiple levelled 4 I barely have 6 lines rolling in wars, but with allainces using the “same color tank” technique , if you have enough maxed same color 4* or 5* ( say 3 for each of your 6 attacks in war for color stacking against tank) 18 same color heros eventually would be extremely helpful and likely a majority of them will be your more easily ascended 4*s

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I’ve thrown out any duplicate 4* and even some where I don’t have a copy, but I regret it a bit. With the addition on war and trials I would still have use for them, even if they aren’t ascended fully.
I think keeping multiple copies of event heroes and the best normal 4* is worth it, but I don’t have enough capacity in my roster to have duplicates of everyone.

I would keep every 5*. They don’t take up that much space in the roster and the exp you get from feeding them to your other heroes is minimal. The specials gonna we at 8/8 way before you max them anyway, so you don’t need that 25% chance.

Following since I have a boatload of 4 star same…

Depends on the 4*. I never have duplicate hu tao because he’s garbage. He gets fed away. I never feed away Rigard, you can never have too many Rigard. War is always against a yellow tank like Guin with Gravemaker next to her. Certain heroes are worth multiples. Right now I’m leveling my third Grimm to compete with mono blue in epic category in events. It just depends on the hero. Is it good for something? Keep. Is it garbage? Food. Wu kong is amazing but only for titans. Only need one. Certain staple heroes like boldtusk or Caedmon it’s good to level multiples for war.

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I would agree with most posts here. Keep all 5s, 4s keep the ones you might use, I have 6 wus and actually think he is really good if you need to take a risk and bring a far weaker team in wars (I don’t have 6 teams of 5*s but if the board is right with wu and a slight colour stack I can take a 4200 team down with a 3500 team). Sometimes the best option is to take a gamble when you need a board reset.

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