Fastest way to level heroes?

During AR, 15-9 is only 4 WE. At that time, it should be most efficient for recruits in the game. @Suicide_Bunny was talking about farming S2 1-2N during AR.

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I would have to agree with you there.

As said, my method focuses on farming backpacks, not recruits. S2-1-2N gives enough of them to keep this running. I also have like 600 days of training queued up in the two TC11 in case I ever lack recruits. But if anything, I have the opposited problem - always too many of them. May be also because I have the advanced house maxed.

Agree on 15-9 for recruits though, before Atlantis Rises were introduced, this was my most farmed level for them.


I’ve been starting to run short of recruits. I once had 800d in my tc11. I’m down to 200 now. And I could burn through that in 2 weeks. I’m working on my advanced house, but that’s a stopgap at best.

I suspect that newer players are going to have a harder time getting these stockpiles due to a combination of factors - 1) AR is only 3 days now. A 25% decrease. 2) so much more happening leading to less time to farm through the month.

Players at your point may not notice this, once you reach the point of having feeders waiting to be collected, I don’t think these things will impact you.

But right now I’m just hoping to get to AR with any backpacks left and maybe 100d of recruits remaining.

Also WE flask giving less energy after use. I am currently at 50 WE max, which allows for ~17 runs per flask. That may be 20-50 more backpacks on average per flask.

I do certainly recall times where I wanted recruits, badly. But most often my bottleneck was the food.

But if anything, my suggestion would be keep farming that 15-9N or 15-8H between the ARs (until we are getting better sense of what S3 optimal levels are going to be), and focus on 2-1N backpack farming during the ARs. If unable to keep 2 going, it should allow to sustain at least one TC2 going on constantly. It helps a lot. Right now my TC2 camp is on nearly 900 feeders ready to collect. I also hoard 3 star trainers. If I am lucky to pull GM or Clarissa next week, they are going to be maxed almost instantly.

Fastest way, IMO… it depend, do we need only one hero to fast level? Or multiple heroes?

Okay… just feed everthing to which ever hero we want.

Nah,… well… this is it. Feed on-color is the best way.
I always feed on-color, and now I have bunch of variety 4* maxxed heroes.

TC11, TC1, TC2 and TC19 is the best resource feeder, and S1:8-7 is the best way to farm recruits, save all WE flask, only use during AR, and farm S2:15-9N (with tickets), and S2:6-9N (auto-farm) and S2:1-2N.

Refence TC: [Repost, Training Camps] Recruit training - common training ( RT01 ) to Legendary training ( RT20 ) - Advice, Stats, and Math


Didn’t know this, I guess I have a new place to farm during AR.

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For those season 2 maps you stated, which is best for what, is there a reason there is 3 maps to farm from season 2 during AR? Also, are they hard of normal?

Uh… what’s in 19-6 that makes it worthwhile for farming?

@One_Mic, Normal I already edited the post.
S2:15-9N & S2:6-9N = recruits
S2:1-2N = bag

@Zathrus, recruits.

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But S2:15-9 is by far the best recruits/flag during AR. It gives 3x the recruits/flag as 19-6.


@Zathrus, you are correct! I was confuse with 6-9N, yes indeed 15-9N is what I mean. Also already edit my post above.


Cool, thanks for the clarification.

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Do about 100 30x pulls in valhalla or atlantis, use all those as feeders

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I run 2 tc11 and a backpack 24/7 tc20 too. but that takes time to achieve getting we flasks from events or anywhere else save for atlantis to get backpacks.
My fasted colour on colour 4* was a rigard was 24 days

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Me too…2 TC11, 1 TC20 and 1 on backpack since a month…have leveled Malosi to 3/70 and Kiril to 4/70 quite fast in this way without using all the trainers from the 2 TC11…100 per each actually remain there and i don’t take anything out 'til next atlantis is done (pray for Grave) =D

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+1 to this, this is the exact same setup I use after farming 1000+ backpacks from Atlantis. 2x TC11 gives me a MASSIVE recruit bank, but also functions as a very slow TC2 (running at quarter the efficiency). 2x TC2 means I get 96 feeders per day, half of which statistically should be 2* feeders so the XP gain is considerable.

And yes I also stick to feeding matching colors 90% of the time, the 10% is for when I really need a key hero leveled up for wars/events and so I just throw everything and the sink at it.


That’s gonna cost a little too much XD

Absolutely! Same way here. As you can see in my power-leveling video earlier in this topic, I stayed to color on Telluria until I ran out of Greens, and then it just became a smorgasbord. Some Grape Flavor here. Some Strawberry there with the occasional Banana and Blueberry flavors.


Is TC1 better than TC19 or does it just depends if you have more recruits or more food and more swords or more clothes?

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