Way to level of heroes quickly?

Friends how to lvl up heroes quickly. I normally used second and third in the training camp to produce feeders as shown below.

TC11 will be your best till farms and such can sustain tc19

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But it’s slow know ?

I have one TC 20 which now producing last slot . And one is now upgrading to 19. Could you please show the print screen of TC 11 and 19 ( what are the requirements) Bc I don’t research both yet.


All mine are running. Tc19 takes 2 recruits, rugged clothes and 5500 ham for 1 feeder. TC11 takes 2 recruits and very little ham. I use TC20 for a bank when waiting for the right hero. Got 80 days worth each in 3 TC11s

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But I should add tc19 is a feeder every minute

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Zero put out a good video on utube about leveling up. I’ll try to send the link

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Thanks friend :slight_smile:

I can’t send directly here but this is the screen shot of the video

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Hope it helps helped me alot

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Really very helpful. Many thanks

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