Farming Challenge Coins

Completed rare and epic but I dont have any maxed 5* I have only levelled magni to 3 70. Is it possible to complete legendary with my 4* roster I have 8 challenge coins and I would also like to know if I can farm them from chests bt repeating the levels I have already done. For example will the chests appear if I keep repeating stage 1 of the rare challegene

The chests appear randomly, so there’s no way to predict which stage they will appear.

Edit - if you do a search on “pirates” you will find there’s lots of information in the forum that will answer your questions. Try this one…
🏴‍☠ [Mar 2020] Pirates of Corellia Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results GL

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post yah roster soo we can have a look👍
As for chests at Avalon I didn’t get any and pirates cleared rare epic on the last 2 stages of legendary and still nothing.
Even with Avalon I went back to get a higher score on some levels. :woman_shrugging:

I’ve done this event before without any 5 stars. This time i added viv in and my team in general is much more heavily emblemed so I’m getting decent results. Long, slow fights but easily winnable so far (~round 11). I’m running sonya +19, melendor +17, BT +20, viv 4/80, and wu +19. Wishing i had druid emblems to throw on my caed to use instead of mel but that’s just my luck

Looks like wu/bt/li xiu/triton/hansel might be able to do this for you. Can play a little with magni in for Triton to help your slightly underleveled hansel and wu survive with the defense up vs extra heal (eg li xiu/bt/hansel/magni/wu)

Only from events.

Mystery chests drop them, and they spawn randomly.

I recommend farming R3 for 1 WE, it’s the best for EXP.


Yeah, farm the pants off Rare-3. Great for getting feeder heroes and XP. Actually the best XP/WE in the whole game.

Hey,of course,thank you a lot for sharing this,but I have a dilemma as my levels rising quicker than a team power. :rofl:
Tomorrow will rise to lvl38 with less than 3,5k power :thinking::flushed: and for the moment it’s my best team,next one is only like 3,2k :scream:
I will try to use tomorrow all the flasks left to see if I could get more of chests with coins :yum:

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