Suspicious chests, Knights of Avalon

Hi all, anybody had any luck finding the new suspicious chest for the extra challenge coins?? I’m 31 levels down and have not see sight of one yet. As I’m unlikely to be able to complete legendary I’m stuck on 8. Very frustrating but hey what’s new lol. Hope you all have had better luck and enjoy knights.

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I’ve seen and killed 2. I’m 10 stages into legendary.


I have completed Rare and redone the first 5 stages again to try look for more of these.
I have only seen 2 of the chests and that was on my first play through.

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I found 4 so far… 2 of them in the same run(granted a nice score)

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Good to hear they are out there. I’ve completed rare and epic and am now on stage 3 legendary. I suppose I have to make my mi d up wether to try and finish legendary (epic was close) or spend flags repeating levels. Thank u for the feedback.

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4 wow you lucky thing. Is it 1 coin per chest or random like the seadragons and Atlantis coins?

1 Coin only…

20 coins


Thank you. And good luck with the summons.

Just like the seadragons… too rare to be relevant.

Although from what I’ve heard, they’re not too hard to kill. the timing is just a pain.


3 so far. They take DoT damage if you catch them with the first hit when they’re vulnerable.


Silly question, but revisiting stages already beaten could generate coins, can’t they? Is it worth using WE flasks for this on the lower levels? Or does the chance of them showing up increase with the difficulty degree?


Asking the real questions there :stuck_out_tongue:

Ive been redoing 3 first rare levels on my alt (since I wont be able to finish the other difficulties). I have only encountered 1 chest, on the very first run, none in the reruns :confused:

I ran through Lengendary and got 3. Stages 11, 12 and 15.

I have played 29 of 45 total levels. I have gotten 2 so far. (finished rare & through 9 of Epic)

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I’ve completed rare and epic, had 2 chests, but I have 9 coins,(3 for rare, 5 for epic) so presumably they don’t always drop coins?

They’re very rare, agreed. The best case scenario, you have your skill ready to fire the turn they’re about to attack. With powerful snipers like Berden or Bane, you can one-shot them in the early stages.

Only ran into one so far.


that doesn’t sound right. they drop one coin each?

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They always drop 1 coin, but be careful, you must complete the stage.

If you flee or lose, you don’t receive the coin even if you kill it.


Yeah, I did wonder, but I did complete both stages with one in. Unfortunately I don’t have screen shots, or I could report it.

Rare and legendary completed, 4 stages in Epic - 3 chests so far.

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