How long have you been farming 5-8

Farming is boring, we all know that. So I decided to play with a lineup to clear the boss stage as fast as I can lol I know Mist could probably wipe the entire thing with one special, but this was more fun. I’m bored.

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I actually switched to 8-7 a long time ago. Considering going back to province 5 because I think it might have better loot (backpacks and materials needed for crafting mana potions), though IIRC 5-4 is better than 5-8 for filling monster chest.

All of it is boring, I just put it on autoplay.

I normally do, too, but I wanted to have fun. I do 5-8 for backpacks (TC2), go to 8-7 if I need recruits. I’ll check 5-4 for monesters (I think I get 11 per run at 5-8)

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Yeah, 5-8 is good for packs. I’ve got a few hundred of those still (had thousands at one point), so I’m okay on those. These days I find myself burning through mana pots like crazy on titans (charging up those +damage special skills). I’m thinking province 5 might give more mana pot ingredients than province 8 (though I could just be remembering wrong, it’s been months since I regularly farmed province 5).

I do Season 2 15-9 and only Season 1 8-7 when called upon to complete Season 1 Map Stages for Path of Valor.

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I’m not that far in the game yet. I’m up to Province 11 in Season 2. How is it on backpacks?

I think 15-9 offers the best combined package of Recruits, Iron, Food, Adventure Kits, and Practice Swords for the amount of World Energy costs. (Keyword being “combined”).

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I like season 2 for mats, but I can’t finish a monster chest there in one go outside of AR. :confused:

(sometimes during the challenge events, I’ll just spam the 1 flag ones until my monster chest is filled, just to save enough flags to do more season 2 and 3 quests)

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That’s what I did these past few days. Used the Rare stage 3 in the event for Monster Chest.

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You do kno that 7-4 is best for monsters, right? Can fill a chest in 21 energy (and can usually do 6 runs of 7-4 and 1 8-7).

I don’t find the backpacks or hero drop rate to be much different from 8-7, obviously fewer recruits, but if you’re squeezed for energy, it’s worth it.

Otherwise there’s plenty of options as mentioned.

Of course, during AR S2:4-3 is only 18 energy, and during challenge events rare3 is a mere 12 energy. (Just listing for completeness).

I really hope Valhalla gets some good farming, although the WE costs make that difficult. They’ve also effectively capped how much food, iron, xp, and recruits they’re willing to do per flag based on the common quests. :frowning:

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I do 8-7 as well, with this team.


Each is capable of wiping out one enemy wave by himself/herself. Except for Li Xiu, after the enemies were buffed slightly, very occasionally one enemy slips through. But it’s fine.

If I can get all 5 heroes charged up during the 1st wave, it’s one special for Wave 2, one special for Wave 3, and the last 3 specials to clear the bosses.

I usually auto-play, like when I’m making dinner or getting ready for bed. So I just have to look at my phone every couple of minutes to start the replay But sometimes when I’m in a hurry, playing is faster.

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Liu can if you use her costume instead :wink:

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yeah, thanks, I thought of that :wink: but I’m too lazy to keep changing her in and out of costume. For raids, I prefer non-costumed Li for the greater mana cut… and it doesn’t really matter when I’m auto-playing, which I do 80% of the time on 8-7.

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