Valhalla Forever - Optimum Levels for Farming

Hi folks, just wondering what levels you’ll be farming now that VF is up?


Current suggestions (unverified - these aren’t mine, see comments for credit and any further detail):
10-10N: 3 WE with subtle amount of XP and food
8-2N: It seems to have the best ratio of WE to Monsters to Troops, as well as a decent amount of recruits and heroes


I want to learn also!

For me it is 10-10; 3 WE with subtle amount of XP and food


Has anyone checked Barry?

There are no loot changes in VF unlike AR so should be straightforward to work it out.



Hi JB! I’m barely playing now. Did my first raid hit yesterday with the new formations. :wink:

… But still about… Ish. :wink:

How’s things?

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We shall have to add the best level for gnomes.
However if it’s like sea dragons that you have a higher chance per monster, we will have to look at high monster number runs.


Going to watch this but I’m glad I’m still doing avatar missions so I don’t have to think about what level to farm yet lol


I’m just replaying levels to complete the avatar missions. Encountered 2x gnomes at 17:5

Although one alliance mate got 15 valhalla coins.


Curious if anyone has done analysis on the optimum levels to fill in the elemental chests during VF?

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Should be no different - just lower WE cost to finish the chest.

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I tried 10-2 normal on autofarm… 2 gnomes on the first playing and this was a result:


My take on Valhalla Falls —

Summoning requires the unspeakable in pursuit of the unusable …



I dont see any counter for the gnomes…

Am i blind??

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There isn’t a counter. If you tap the banner in the map it will tell you only if there are any left to find


Ah i see
Tks lots!!!

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Browsing through Barry’s Spreadsheet I’m going to farm 8-2N. It seems to have the best ratio of WE to Monsters to Troops, as well as a decent amount of recruits and heroes.

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Those pesky gnomes sometimes short change you with mini boxes of iron and keep their coins, most frustrating!

Any idea on best level for backpacks?

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For backpacks supply id recommend you to wait for AR. I mean, if you are lacking them its better to not use too many we flask on Valhalla. Valhalla loot is not doubled so use flasks here if you need to advance in the story; want to complete the avatar missions or want to farm gnomes. Even though , atlantis loot doubled is more valuable to me in terms of fullfil the backpack, recruit and bones supply


For flasking maybe, but it’s still good to know the best backpack levels for your normal WE.

The first 10 provinces are effectively double normal loot since they’re half cost to play, just without the additional 50% boost of AR, so if you have a mass of flasks why not, but certainly smart to farm with your regular accumulation of WE


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