Fables of Grimforest - Legendary tier completion

4 months ago I failed horrifyingly :cry: trying to complete this event on legendary, I just didn’t have enough and/or correct heroes to beat them, but now things are different, and I would like you to help me to beat the last stage (last time I could reach stage 9). Available heroes:


  • Rigard
  • Cyprian
  • Tiburtus
  • Hel


  • Triton
  • Sonya
  • Agwe


  • Gadeirus
  • Kashhrek
  • SS


  • Li Xiu
  • Hu Tao

Even if I were going to nuke them, I must survive long enough, and I would like to avoid bringing red heroes due to the elemental barrier. Last time I could manage to get rid of Rumpelstiltskin, but Boss Wolf and Red Hood were unbeatable for me. Any advice will be truly appreciated.


Hel - Triton - Li/Gadeirus/Kash - Sonya - Rigard
These heroes are max right? Hel at 2/60, 3/70 or max?
Bring 2 slots for mana pots to be able to charge Hel every 3 turns and Rigard if needed. Axe/Bomb/Arrow in the other slot
Hel and Rigard must survive. Sonya’s dispel will come in handy if BW unleash.
The center is how you feel, if you need more healing, Gad or Kash. You could move Hel at the place of Triton then. But with Triton healing buff, it should be ok with Rigard alone. If you need more firepower/mana control, Li.


all the 4* mentioned are fully leveled up, and Rigard, Cyprian have some emblems. Hel is at 3/70. I also have Proteus, but he is at 3/60 = too squishy to take part of the team

I’m gonna try this on epic tier with Li and see how it goes, then I will decide. Ty for the advice :smiley:

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As long as you bring antidotes, 2 or 3 healers and strong mana control, you’ll be able to finish that thing. Cleanse and debuff will also help a lot.



Just dropped this on memes and it applies to hel too. Just keep either of them juiced on mana and anything is possible


Let me know how it went :grinning:

Took 16 mins. Used Triton / Gadeirus / Li / Rigard / Sonya. Brought small potions and axes. With Hel it will be much easier because RH spawned many foxes, so I was forced to throw some axes to prevent them from healing. I will replace Gadeirus with Hel, and bring mana and HP potions. Hope that will work

Good point :grin: I use proteus, two healers and whatever 2 others, good that they are snipers. Easy money, just bring all mana potions and you don’t need anything else. The same probably with hell, I am not that lucky to have her.
I go through legendary with 4 star heroes easy


If you have Wilbur I would use him despite the reflect. As long as you keep Hel fired up with a couple of healers they won’t be able to do much damage against you.

Finished with a few small mana potions and two antidotes. 8 and a half minutes. Wolf casted once, Rumpel thrice.


u.u interesting thing, you got rid of Rottkäppchen at first

Definitely bring Hel. I was able to finish this before with Proteus, Sabina, Triton, Kiril and Li Xiu. if I could do it, you can too!

with your team, bring Hel (instead of my Proteus), Rigard to heal, Triton to boost the healing and to snipe. Sonya for dispel and snipe, and Li Xiu to reduce mana while charging Hel. use mana pots as needed, but conserve them; you can use Li Xiu to stall for time while making more purple matches for Proteus. if Proteus is close to full mana, try to make purple matches instead of wasting a mana potion. probably best to focus on Boss Wolf first because a) he has an un-dispellable mana effect that Hel cannot stop; and b) he resists your Purple tiles. killing him will also allow you to ghost up tiles to charge Hel and Li faster.

and yes, bring antidotes too. suggest you also bring revive scrolls in case Hel dies, she’s your most important hero. so two slots for mana pots, one slot antidotes and one slot revive scroll.

good luck!


I always focus the back one to hit all 3 and to shorten their health almost evenly.


Although it is red reflect, I was able to finish legendary & rare with Proteus, Frida, Boril, Boldtusk & Rigard. Mana control, 2 healers & plenty of mana pots. I just kept them active. Bosses rarely fired & it seemed easy

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Finished legendary with little trouble. Used 3x mini health pots. The boards were awesome, allowing Hel to block mana & Onatel to steal mana - the bosses never fired their specials.

I was struggling on the final legendary stage on the last Grimforest. Now it was a walk in the park with emblem’ed Rigard, Lianna, Richard, Wu and Kiril.
Did not use a potion at all.
Guess its all down to maxed heroes and some maturity in board planning.

I finished with a 3-60 proteus and every other hero 4-70 (Sabina +7). Used lots of mana pots and some healing pots. Wu helped a lot with tile dammage but I have no snipers whatsoever (got Caedmom with the token at the end tho)

I think if you take either Hel or Proteus (even at 3-60) and never let the bosses’ mana charge, you have it in your pocket :slight_smile:

Use Kash to protect proteus if too squishy :wink:, thats what I did

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Is your team all 4.70?

I’m having a hard time with the Legendary stage… my line up is similar with you with the exception of Frida = Lianna and Boldtusk = Kiril.

Unfortunately all of them are merely 3.60… (except Lianna at 3.20).

I guess my team is still too weak to go for Legendary. Even previous stages had already forced me to use up a lot of mana on Rigard and Kiril.

I tried with Wu Kong and some others and failed. I finished with Kiril (+7), Rigard (+1), Grimm (4/40), Cyprian (+10) and Sonya (3/58).

Most important were the healers and Cyprian - he dealt very much damage back. Maybe this helps you for chosing your heros. First I got rid of Rumpel, accidentally (I always try to kill Red Hood first because of her minions) - then I had space to ghost tiles. The next one who pulverized herself was Red Hood and then only Boss Wolf was left. I’d go again purple and blue. Sonya was dead in the end, but that was…clear. I used bombs, antidotes, healing…fourth I forgot, I think it was healing, too (minor and normal).


Legendary final stage Grimforest finished!

Not so hard, use 2 mana, some heal, some minor heal and 2 bombs.

PS: This is my 1st Event Legendary completed, last time in Wonderland event only stage Epic finished.


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