How to Complete Legendary without 5*s or Items

Here’s a video of how I completed Legendary without using 5* heroes, and with only a few minor mana potions just to be safe. I’m very happy with how this went - I won on my first try and with a pretty mediocre board, meaning anyone could win this way with the right heroes. I plan on recording an explaination of my strategy once I have some free time, but thought people would want to see the footage during the event if they need help completing it.

I ran 2 blue and 3 green heroes since I wanted to kill Rumpelstiltskin first, and since the minions are blue and red I used 2 healers - Kiril and Melendor - to outlast the the damage dealt by enemies, plus Grimm, Little John, and Halsel to control the bosses’ mana while dealing heavy damage. Before the fight I focus on how I need to use each hero.

Kiril: Heal and protect the other 4 heroes who are all glass cannons, while also increasing their attack.
Grimm: Amplify the damage dealt to all 3 enemies per wave while hitting like a truck.
Melendor: Remove Boss Wolf’s riposte and provide a large heal. (Caedmon or Sonya would work as well)
Hansel: Cancel the special of whichever boss I am focusing down at the moment (Rumpel → Wolf → Red)
Little John: Slow the mana gain of all bosses while hitting like a truck.

At the end of the 2nd minion wave I charge all my specials and spend a lot of time removing the 3 colors I’m void in (purple, yellow, red) so that my board is as potent as possible for the boss wave. I then kill Rumpel first since he is the only real damage threat, letting me grind out a long fight vs Wolf and Red Hood without fear of losing any heroes.

The fight actually begins at 1:38. Sorry that the sound cut out early in the fight.

Hope this helps everyone trying to complete Legendary!



Not everyone will have Hansel though

I did it last time around with this team, so it’s definitely achievable with 4*



Nice, that team uses a very similar double healer strategy. In my lineup you could easily replace Hansel with Caedmon and still win with ease.


thankyou for sharing this with us!

I used the similar lineup as Annieb but used Caedmon and Grimm worked second time round

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Here is a vid of the team I used doing knights of Avalon this week Ledgendary

I used the same team throughout this whole level without needing battle items till the last level with the 3 bosses where I used 2 dragon attacks and 2 bombs.

I did the same with rare and epic stages, where I used the same team thought every level throughtout those stages.

I completed all levels first time round

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With Wu Kong you can do it with even less. I did it with this team relying on his cascades and taking out Morgana quick with doubled reds.

@Wharflord just wanted to say thank you! This was really helpful. First I made sure I was well rested & hydrated for such a long battle! My team was Caedmon, Sartana, Boril, Triton & Melendor. I took time stops, small health potions, arrows, & bombs. Used everything but 2 bombs & 7 health potions, but I finished with all heroes alive!!! Thank you again! :bouquet:


Hey man, didn’t find your name while I was searching tips for Avalon. I’ve hear events have become harder. Can it still be done?

It can still be done. @Scarecrow is a great resource to check with here on the forum.


@Nervicii, just check out this video and others on the channel to have an idea about the strategy and items you should use. There are videos for Avalon too (which I found easier than pirates).

New Pirates of Corellia - Epic last stage with classic heroes - YouTube

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