Fables of Grimforest - Legendary tier completion


Are all your heroes maxed 4* ?

@Kusanagi87, only Melendor +4 emblem and Wu Kong +3 emblem are maxed currently.


I finished it with these guys with little trouble. I had Proteus going pretty much the whole time. Used 5 pots and a couple arrows and axes.


Not all maxed, but Cyprian has many emblems…
Edit: Kiril (+7), Rigard (+1), Grimm (4/40), Cyprian (+10) and Sonya (3/58)

All 4*


So it is possible to beat Legendary with 4*…

Only that some of the 4* heroes must at least be maxed… and Proteus.

I do have Proteus but he is only at a mere 2.20.

I’ll see if I can up him to 3.60 before this event ends.

I do have 20x worth of Food in TC13 + some hundreds of feeders yet to be claimed from 1x TC11 and 1x TC2.

Really need that Orb, Trap Tools and Shield (from Epic).
Just one of each is enough to ascend my Rigard and Wu Kong to final ascension.


then push it and follow all advices here. And rememeber, almost everything in this game is doable with 4* heroes


It is possible even without Proteus. Managed it last time with a smaller team and this time with that team. Maybe I’ll find my team of the last time.

Didn’t find it, sorry. …this time Kiril (+7), Rigard (+1), Grimm (4/40), Cyprian (+10) and Sonya (3/58)

Last time something less.

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5 minutes 15 seconds:

Back in February, I use 3/60 Proteus to finish legendary Wonderland with a team of 2900. At that time I brought Super Mana Potions and 3 type of strongest bombing items. But if your team is above 3500, you don’t really need bombing items.

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I did sand empire advanced with this team.


This is what I will use. Hope everything will go alright.

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Better bring Super Mana Potion, it is 5 item/slot and give full mana.

Super Healing Potion is also better than Potent Healing Potion, both 5 item/slot.

This is how it went. I didn’t need to use a single bomb. RH only fired once, but the rest went fine. TY all for sharing your teams and strategies, I hope this post will be helpful for the ones who are in their way to complete the event.

Ty all again @J1mau @ffphier @yelnats_24 @jinbatsu @Olmor and all the others who shared their results and advices. Proteus has now enough trap tools to go to 4/70. See you again in Teltoc :smile: :smile: :sunny:


All those heros are at least 3/70 +3. Except for Frida, obviously, who is 4/80 +4. Also, I meant to say Legendary + epic. Didnt do rare.

i finish with Ranvir,Kashhrek,Gobbler,Gaderius,Hu tao ,5 arrow,5 axes,5 bombs and 2 dragon attack

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Completed Legendary on the second day with this line up - Sonya, Proteus, Ariel (4/59), Boldtusk, Grimm. Used only 2 arrows and axes each and all heroes were almost full health.

Proteus is a god!


I am going to give this a try after reading this thread. Was thinking I am not quite ready for legendary before.

I can field: Hu Tao 3/60, Kiril 4/32, Boldtusk 4/70+6, Proteus 4/44, Skittleskull 3/60

Possible replacements: Elkanen 2/60, Sonya 3/6, Wilbur 3/8, Ameonna 3/60

I will need all the mana I can get to keep Proteus up, so probably 2 slots man pots. Healing pots help in the beginning when they focus one hero before I can get BT or Kiril up, but not sure I need them. Attack is weak, so Bombs/Axes will be helpful.

Any suggestions wrt to team/items?

Edit: Did it, took Bombs/Axes/Super Mana/Small Mana, should have taken healing pots instead of axes since first and second wave mobs did hurt me more than in stages before. Was not hard, tried to get fancy with charging up Proteus so that 2 bosses fired. Could have been avoided by just using pots.

I wouldn’t change anybody. 2 slots for heal / 2 slots for mana. Focus on blue and green at first so you can save healing potions till the end. That should be able to do the job

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This is a reflect red event, any red tiles that hit red enemy will damage Boldtusk instead of the enemy…

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I was able to finish legendary with Sonya, Grimm, Joon, Gretel and Melendor. I used 2 time stops, 4 axe attacks and 4 bombs. It wasn’t too bad


Reflecting tile dmg would be a great special skill for season 3 heroes…


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